Low Carb Diet Tip: Recreating the Pizza

low carb pizzaCrafting a low carb pizza may seem like an impossible task for the staunch low carb dieter. But thanks to a wide array of innovative low carb food products, it is now quite possible.

When you think about the ingredients that go into making a great pizza, none of them are too forgiving: pizza crust and tomato sauce are no-no no-brainers for low carb dieters, while even mozzarella cheese is often seen as too soft and carby for diet consumption. To be sure, some of the meat toppings are safe, but they factor in very little to the overall nutritional make-up of a pizza.

Considering that the three main ingredients of a pizza are high-carb, it would seem next to impossible to come up with a low carb pizza that would serve as a legitimate alternative to the original.

However, there are now several ingredients in the low carb food industry that make crafting a low carb pizza entirely possible.

We recently highlighted a great new product here on our blog: the CarLO CARBiano Pizza Crust. At just 3 to 4 net grams of carbs for each 7″ pizza crust serving, making a personal sized low carb pizza is totally doable. And the great news is that CarLO CARBiano offers their pizza crusts in a variety of different flavors for adding some zest to all of your pizza creations. They are currently available in plain, chive garlic, garlic basil, Parmesan oregano, and spicy Baja red pepper.

The next problem, of course, is pizza sauce. Most pizza sauces contain sugar — but even the ones that are made without sugar tend to be too high in carbs for the low carb dieter. Dixie Diner Pasta Sauce Mixes, however, offers a great low carb solution for pizza sauce that is extremely tasty and easy to prepare. A service of the sauce is only 2 grams of net carbs per serving, and you prepare it simply by adding water. All reviews of the Dixie Diner Pasta Sauce Mixes suggest that it really passes as real tomato sauce — especially when used in conjunction with pizza crust and cheese.

On the subject of cheese, mozzarella is of course the way to go on a standard pizza, but what about on a low carb pizza? The bottom line is, if you address the carb issues in pizza sauce and crust, you are well positioned to get away with the slightly higher carb count in mozzarella cheese. As a rule, mozzarella has less than 1 gram of carbs per ounce, so it is still quite low.

My advice is to heap on a generous amount of mozzarella and not worry about the few extra carbs it may add. Considering that the above-mentioned low carb food products should only add up to 5 or 6 grams of carbs, you can add heaps of mozzarella and approach 8 grams of net carbs for your personal sized low carb pizza.

Finally, be generous with your toppings as well, but be smart: obviously, avoiding fresh tomato, pineapple, and any other exotic toppings that are a carb no-no. The best is to go with the proteins: pepperoni, bacon bits, sausage, anchovies, and other meat toppings are always welcome. You can also go with “unmeats” as well, such as peppers, mushrooms, black olives, and a slight bit of onion as well.

As you can see, there is now a perfectly low carb solution to enjoying pizza on your low carb diet.

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Low Carb Pizza Crust: CarLO CARBiano Pizza Crust

CarLO CARBiano Pizza Crust
CarLO CARBiano Pizza Crust

Craving pizza in a big way, but don’t want to break up your low carb diet? Check out this great, new Low Carb Pizza Crust from CarLO CARBiano!

Add the satisfying goodness of pizza back into your low carb diet with CarLO CARBiano Low Carb Pizza Crust. It is an excellent alternative to regular pizza crust, and a must have low carb product if you are currently on a long-term low carb diet.

Each 7″ personal size whole grain, thin crust is only 3-4g of net carbs and 3-4 diet count. These low carb pizza crusts have a hearty taste, are packed with protein, and contain no preservatives.

Best of all, CarLO CARBiano Pizza Crust comes in a variety of different flavors for adding some zest to all of your pizza creations. They are currently available in plain, chive garlic, garlic basil, Parmesan oregano, and spicy Baja red pepper.

Add pizza back into your diet today with CarLO CARBiano Pizza Crust!

If you’re looking for CarLO CARBiano Pizza Crust, then you’re in luck — Linda’s Diet Delites carries the full range of flavors! Take a look here!

Thanksgiving on a Low Carb Budget

While the protein of the traditional roast turkey may be at the center of the Thanksgiving feast, it is a total, massive carb blitz otherwise. Get some tips on how to keep the carbs to a minimum.

For as much as the carb-starved dieter may want to believe that the traditional Thanksgiving dinner in America is dominated by the protein of the roast turkey, frankly-speaking, that’s just the tryptophan talking: in the end, all of the trimmings to the turkey are enough to put your carb-o-meter into the red. Let’s relish the obvious carbiness: bread stuffing, mashed potatoes, dinner rolls, cranberry sauce, turkey gravy, pumpkin pie — heck, even peas, a common veg for Thanksgiving, is a low carb no-no.

Face it: on Thanksgiving, your low carb diet doesn’t have a chance.

But if carbing it out on Turkey Day isn’t an option, there are some great alternatives that low carb food manufacturers have to offer that can defray the carb level of your Thanksgiving Day meal. Using some of these great products, you can actually keep all of the high-carb trimmings on the dinner plate.

Stumped On Stuffing? Go With Low Carb Bread!

There is a love/hate affair over low carb bread. Yeah, we know: low carb bread loaves don’t often stand up to a standard loaf of white bread. But that’s because your standard loaf of Wonder is a virtual carb brick. The thing that makes bread taste so good are the simple carbohydrates and natural sugars that need to be left out in low carb breads.

But when it comes to making stuffing — particularly if you are planning on cooking it inside of the turkey — low carb bread works as a perfect stand-in. all of the natural juices from the turkey conspire to season even low carb bread.

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Gluten Free: Aleia’s Bread Crumbs

Aleia's Bread Crumbs
Aleia's Bread Crumbs

Looking for the best gluten free breadcrumbs? Aleia’s Bread Crumbs are a perfect choice! 

If you’re on a gluten free diet, it isn’t easy to out all of the bread products that you love. Breadcrumbs are no exception: you don’t know how much you miss them until they are gone.

Fortunately for the gluten free dieter, there are more and more high quality gluten free breadcrumbs hitting the market that work just as well in cooking as do traditional breadcrumbs. We’re particularly excited about Aleia’s Bread Crumbs, a high-quality gluten free breadcrumb product that combines taste, texture, and cooking versatility with a completely gluten free solution!

From Aleia’s, “Aleia’s has the single cooking solution. Their bread crumbs are all natural, delicious, gluten free and wheat free. They come in two flavors: plain and Italian. Try them for all your cooking needs.”

We’re currently offering two versions of Aleia’s Bread Crumbs, plain and Italian style. Add them into your cooking today and begin enjoying gluten free fried foods again!

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House Foods Shirataki Noodle Substitute

House Foods Shirataki Noodle SubstituteLinda’s Diet Delites continues to stock up on great low carb pasta products that can make all the difference in a low carb diet.

Last week, we highlighted the new Fettuccine Miracle Noodles that we’ve stocked, and how amazing they taste in spite of being no carb. This week, we’re following up our Miracle Noodles with another new low carb pasta product — House Foods Shirataki Noodle Substitute.

These noodles are quite similar to Miracle Noodles — the only difference is in the carbohydrate department, where they pack 19 grams of net carbs. Aside from that, however, House Food’s traditional Shirataki noodle substitute contains 0 calories, no gluten, no cholesterol, vegan, no sugar and no soy. Best of all, there is absolutely No Guilt!

As opposed to the House Foods Tofu Noodles, these shirataki noodles contain no tofu, and are made with the more traditional ingredient yam flour. The yam flour accounts for the higher carb level, but it also gives these noodles a great taste and texture.

If you’re looking for a no or low carb pasta product for an active low carb diet, then these noodle may not be the right choice for you. But if you’re in maintenance mode and are looking for a moderately carb’ed pasta, then House Foods Shirataki Noodle Substitute is a perfect choice!

Be sure to check out House Foods Shirataki Noodle SubstituteFettuccine Miracle Noodles, and all of our low carb pasta products at Linda’s Diet Delites!

Fettuccine Miracle Noodles: Low Carb Pasta Bliss!

Miracle Noodles Fettucini -- low carb pasta
Miracle Noodles Fettucini

Anyone on a low carb diet knows that pasta is a no-no, and many of the low carb pastas so so unpalatable that they just aren’t worth it. But these Fettuccine Miracle Noodles have an amazing texture and are zero carbs!

Miracle Noodles doesn’t use the term “miracle” lightly; their low carb pasta products are miraculously delicious, especially given the fact that they have zero net carbs! In addition to being zero carb, they are also zero calorie and zero glycemic index — made only from naturally water soluble fiber called Glucomannan, with no fat, sugar, or starch.

In addition to being incredibly diet-friendly — have shown beneficial effects backed by medical studies for Type II Diabetes, Constipation, Obesity, and Cholesterol — they are quite tasty and easily absorb the flavors of any soup, dish, or sauce. And because they are are instant and come in a variety of styles, you can eat them for lunch or dinner.

While we are featuring the fettuccine Miracle Noodles in this article, we also carry other varieties of Miracle Noodles low carb pasta products as well, such as angel hair and black angel hair. Take a look!