Eggs- A Low Carb Dieter’s Best Friend

When on a low carb diet, it can sometimes be difficult to make a wide selection of foods. When this happens, you may feel like you are stuck in a food rut, and you will be more likely to splurge on a food that doesn’t fit into your low carb lifestyle. One way to prevent this from happening is to get creative with common staples in your low carb diet. A simple protein food, such as eggs, may seem boring and lose its great flavor after a while. But the ways of preparing an egg can vary so widely, it truly can be the low carb dieter’s best friend. Read on for just a sampling of the ways you can prepare an egg to add variety to your meals and help you stick with your low carb plan:

Variety in Fried Eggs – A fried egg can be boring if you make it the same way every time, but there are actually many ways to prepare a fried egg that will make it seem like a different type of food every time. You can fry it over easy, over medium, over well, break the yolk or leave the yolk intact. Changing up the type of grease you use can also change the flavor. An egg fried in butter will taste different than an egg fried in olive oil, for example. You can also use bacon grease as a great way to change the flavor of your fried egg.

Egg Salads – While many people make egg salad with ingredients that aren’t low carb, there are many ways you can make an egg salad without interfering with your daily carb count. A quick search on the Internet will turn up many different types of egg salads, and you can expand on them to create your own special recipe that is low in carbs and adds variety to your weekly meal selection.

Poached Eggs – If you have never poached an egg, it is definitely worth trying – you essentially boil an egg without the shell. But the egg can be boiled in a variety of liquid options, each of which adding their own twist on the egg. Serving it atop a slice of low carb toast will give added flavor.

Boiled Eggs – While boiled eggs are typically only made one of two ways – hard or soft – making your eggs this way periodically can help prevent you from getting bored with other methods of preparing your eggs. Boiled eggs also work great in certain types of salads, or they can be eaten on their own.

Scrambled Eggs or Omelettes – This is a type of making eggs in which there really are virtually no limits. You can add in other low carb friendly foods, including cheese, ham, bacon, turkey, sausage, spices, and much more. Create different combinations and it help you achieve a new appreciation for the egg.

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