Enjoy Springtime Outdoor Meals without Ruining Your Low Carb Diet

Spring time is upon many of us, and with it comes perfect weather and more outdoor fun. Along with the nice weather and the time spent outdoors, however, barbecues and picnics typically take precedence over indoor meals. Unfortunately, however many of these types of outdoor meals contain massive amounts of carbohydrates, typically in the form of buns and sauces. Read on for some ideas for having your favorite traditional summer/springtime foods without the high carb count. 

Elimination of high carb foods – In some situations, it is easiest to simply eliminate certain parts of foods that contain high carb counts. One such food is the bun for hamburgers or hot dogs (two of the most commonly grilled foods). Additionally, you can eliminate sauces containing unnecessarily high carbohydrate counts. Even a simple barbecue sauce often contains close to 20 grams of carbs in a serving (two tablespoons). By eliminating these types of sauces, you can easily stick to your low carb diet plan while still enjoying a day of food in the great outdoors.

Substitution – If you love certain foods at picnics, barbecues, and other spring/summer meals, and don’t want to eliminate them from the meal, but you don’t want the excess carbs either, consider substituting low carb low carb buns, sauces and more that will allow you to eat the foods you love at any gathering without ruining your low carb diet.

versions of the same food items. By experimenting with different brands and types of foods, you are sure to find great-tasting

Altering recipes – Many common recipes available at barbecues contain high carb counts, such as pasta salad and potato salad. Instead of going without these great-tasting barbecue staples, you can use a low carb  recipe that will enable you to enjoy the food without anyone ever knowing that it is an altered recipe. Instead of a potato salad, you can mash cauliflower and add cooked bacon along with cheese and onions for a unique salad that is sure to impress. Altering the way meat is cooked can eliminate some unnecessary carbohydrates as well. Instead of slathering meat with a sauce for flavor, opt for fresh lemon or lime juice and spices that will ensure the food tastes great without ruining your low carb diet. You can create your own recipe through experimentation, or search online for low carb recipes to find a wide selection of great options.

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