Simple Tips for Beginning a Low Carb Lifestyle for the Whole Family

When you begin living a low carb lifestyle, it is often a necessity to incorporate your entire family in the diet plan with you. While this isn’t always appealing for the other people who live in your household, there are many benefits to doing so. Not only does it prevent you from having to purchase two different types of most foods, but it also eliminates many temptations. By only purchasing low carb, healthy food options, your chances of sticking with the diet plan are much higher than if you had a variety of unhealthy food selections available at all times. But getting your family to welcome a low carb lifestyle with open arms can be tricky. Read on for a few tips: 

Consider the existing diet – If your family is already accustomed to eating healthy foods, switching to a low carb lifestyle might not be as difficult as it otherwise would be. If, however, your family regularly eats a lot of high carb pastas, breads and potatoes at every meal, the switch will be very shocking. By considering the current eating habits of your family, you can approach the change accordingly. If their daily diet is high carb, slowly incorporating low carb foods and eliminating those with high carbs is the best plan. By doing it slowly, the change won’t seem as drastic, and they will have time to adjust, making the transition into a healthier low carb lifestyle a much easier one for your entire family.

Use substitutions – If your family members love a lot of foods with high carb counts, simply eliminating those food options can make your family despise the diet from the beginning. Instead, stock up on low carb replacement versions of their favorite foods. In many cases, they won’t notice the difference in taste, and they will still be able to eat their favorite snack and meal items. For cooking, you can use low carb sauces and

dressings to create meals they love without such a high carb count.

Allow for some cheating for family members – It is difficult for anyone to switch to a low carb lifestyle, but this is especially true for children who are exposed to a lot of treats that are unhealthy at friend’s houses, school, etc. If you allow them to eat some unhealthy foods periodically in their mostly healthy diet, it can prevent binges that might otherwise occur when they are exposed to those types of foods.

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