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Healthy Pasta

Most dieters are mindful of avoiding pasta at all costs. Fortunately a number of companies have recently developed pasta and pasta replacements that are lower in calories, lower in carbs, and much higher in fiber than traditional pasta.

Linda's Diet Delites offers a number of these new pasta styles, each with their own unique advantages. (Brief overview provided at the bottom of the page)

For a wonderful compliment to your noodles, make sure to check out the Low Carb Breads as well.
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Displaying 1 to 16 (of 16 products) View All
Carba-Nada - a light fettuccine style pasta that is 'reduced' carbs rather than really 'low carb'.

Dixie Diner Cup o' Mac & Cheese and Cup O' S'getti - extremely low carb and cheesy pasta that only require water and a microwave to cook

Dixie Diner Skinni Spaghetti - a traditional spaghetti style pasta that is extremely low in carbs and garners strong reviews. Note, for those of you avoiding soy, the main ingredient is soy flour.

Dreamfields - The closest in consistency and taste to traditional pasta. Unfortuantely though, although the label claims 5 net carbs, some in the dieting world are unsure of the vailidity of the nutritionals due to impacts on blood sugar levels and the non-standard way in which Dreamfields calculates their net carbs.

Fiber Gourmet - a reduced calorie, very high fiber (18+grams) pasta in multiple styles. This is the most popular style for those seeking a reduction in calories and not too concerned about carbs.

Shirataki Noodles - these noodles, made of either tofu or glucomannan powder, are extremely low in calories, and carbs. Although they do not have any taste, the rubbery texture is dissimilar from traditional pasta. Some people love them and others can't stand them. For anyone seeking the lowest in calories and carbs it is worth a try to find out.