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The people at Linda's Diet Delights are great! They answer emails fast and once I place an order I can't wait for it to arrive. I've been ordering from them for over a year now. Now I can have bagels, cookies, pies, and even popcorn and doughnuts ( they are absolutely luscious). I don't feel deprived and my weight doesn't yo yo anymore. Don't be afraid to order. Once you do you'll wonder why you waited so long!
Testimonial By: Marie Templeton — Union dale

Absolute Diet Gold Mine

I cannot express what a gold mine Linda's Diet Delites is how thrilled I am to have found it. I came across the low carb bread by accident on Amazon and gave it a try. Amazing is the best description! Loved it so much I checked out the actual site and could not believe the options available! As a type 1 diabetic with insulin resistance, I fight the weight and insulin daily which usually means either lots of just protein or eating less than 500 calories a day. Not very fun. Found this business and about cried tears of joy. So far, almost everything I have tried has been amazing with very little blood sugar impact. Finally I can eat like a normal person and keep my petite stature. If I could have one wish it would be to have this business local so I could do my grocery shopping there. I am too excited to wait for the items to get here when shipped! THANK YOU LINDA'S DIET DELITES!
Testimonial By: Maralina Dvorak — Phoenix

The best by far!!!

This website offers the largest selection of low fat and low carb products then any other website by far... And the best part is that everything is absolutely delicious and fairly priced.... This site will help me in achieving my weight loss goals... Great job Linda's diet delights!
Testimonial By: Jennifer Cappiello — Staten Island

You're the best!

What can I say? Tried others, and you're the best. Everything I've ordered has met or exceeded my expectations. I am a very happy customer. Repeat customer. Love you guys!
Testimonial By: Lisa Trahan — Seekonk


Linda thinslim ice cream is our life saver. My husband has cancer. treatment has been very rough. Thinslim ice cream is all he can keep down. I order it every week.due to bad weather it sometimes comes melted, Andrew always resends it and is very understanding. This place is the best.
Testimonial By: cathy chapman — oolitic

Products & Website

Everything I've tried on this website is great!!! The products taste good,& you lose weight. I've tried other low carb foods & they were ok but Linda's is great. You can't really tell the difference. I'm diabetic so I need low carb, low fat & sugar free foods & these foods fit the bill. The website is so easy to use too. It has everything you need for all types of diets;that I know about anyway. You've gotta try it, you won't be sorry.
Testimonial By: Catherine Traversone — Lincroft

Love the sweets!

Keeping my weight down has always been a struggle. To make things worse, I have a big sweet tooth. Linda's offers me a variety of items that satisfy my sweet tooth, are healthy and help me keep my weight stable. I absolutely LOVE the Thin Slim Ice Creams and have one every night. I can eat one container, almost a pint, for under 100 calories. YUMMY!
Testimonial By: Ann Pippin — Linthicum

Best Customer Service on the Net!

As a calorie counter and semi-low carber, I've been shopping at Linda's for years, and I still get excited over the arrival of every shipment - even when it only contains items I've ordered previously. Can't say enough great things about the company and staff - they are responsive and considerate, and they listen to their customers. I keep trying to convince them to expand into NC, and I don't intend to stop! Thanks, to everyone at Linda's!
Testimonial By: Laura — Raleigh

Great Products and Service

Products are always fresh and shipped almost immediately. The whoopie pies
Especially pumpkin flavors are to die for. Thank you Andrew for carrying such a nice variety of items.

Testimonial By: Karen Hapka — Overland Park

My favorite site!

I'm so glad I found this site. I was looking for low- carb products but found so much more, as I'm not only doing low carb, but also watching the calories on the foods that are medium on the carb scale. I do have occasional higher carb days, but it all balances out. This is a wonderful place to order from. The selection of foods is unbeatable, the customer service is unsurpassed and the shipping is very quick.

I can't believe how great these foods taste and it's wonderful to have such variety.

My freezer is stocked with Linda's Diet Delites products! I've lost 23 pounds so far and this site has helped me get there.

Thanks Andrew for the best customer service on the web!

Nancy C.
Testimonial By: Nancy Catania — New Hope

Great for EVERYONE

I am recovering from an eating disorder, and have horrible food allergies. This site as provided me with wonderful tasting food that cut out all the ingredients that I am allergic to. Tastes great, ships fast, and reasonably priced. I recommend this site to family and friends all the time. THANK YOU Lindas Diet!!!
Testimonial By: DesiRae Jepson — Anchorage


Fantastic products and fantastic service! I could not ask for more. The website is easy to use, the variety of low carb products is amazing...and they are high quality, reasonably priced items that you can not find in your local grocery store. What is even more amazing is that I placed my order yesterday afternoon and woke up to the completed order at my front door this morning - in less than 24 hours!! I will definitely be ordering again. Thanks!!!
Testimonial By: Anita Crawley — Olney

My 1st order

I am on a 700 calorie per day diet, so each calorie counts. I had been ordering from Walden Farms direct, but then I found your site. My order was cheaper, came much faster and was packed much better than my order from Walden Farms. You have a forever customer. Thanks so much for all the help you offer to those who need you. We truly appreciate it! THANKS Linda Sprenkle Roanoke Va
Testimonial By: Linda Sprenkle — Roanoke

Lindas Diet Delites

I have ordered a few times now and am hooked! Sure wish I would of found out about your site earlier:) Being on a low carb lifestyle, this site is AWESOME!!! Great food and customer service what more could you ask for!!! Can't wait to place my next order! Thanks again for the great food and service! Keep up the great work :)
Testimonial By: Bridgette — Wellington

Best Low Carb Bread!

I am doing the Atkins low carb diet so I ordered your loaf of rye and cinnamon/raisen bread and I have to say it is the best low carb bread that I have ever had!! I can't wait to try some of your low carb treats. You have a new happy customer :)
Testimonial By: Cathyryn Ferguson — Sturgis

Great Customer Service and Amazing Products

Linda's has been an absolute life-saver for me in the past year. I started up law school and my schedule has left me very little time to go grocery shopping or bake my own treats (for my sweet tooth). Linda's gives me everything I need to maintain my healthy lifestyle. Everything always ships fast and I've loved everything I ordered. At this point, I find myself ordering at least once a week or more.

Andrew's customer service has been fantastic. He's always quick to respond and professional.

Thanks for everything!
Testimonial By: Amy — Raleigh


I just wanted to thank you for having this website. You have such a wide
selection of great tasting low carb items that make it possible for me to
stick to my diet. I've lost 52 pounds since the middle of June and I'm still
losing steadily. As long as you have this website, you will have a lifelong
Testimonial By: Mary Ann — Clark

Gee whiz!

That got here super fast! Linda's Diet Delites is so dreamy xo! Thank you :)
Testimonial By: taylor russell — Bloomington


I order all of your stuff it is GREAT everyone try this its a life saver for all on a diet or not just cut carbs with this and you WIN i did thanks Linda and DR Aktins for telling the truth about carbs this changed my life Life is GOOD LG I am a life customer
Testimonial By: arlene forbes — arlington

The Best

I find it really hard not to get to the $100.00 free shipping level. I haven't found a bad product yet, and I've found many that I just can't believe exist - - tons of great taste for just a few calories.
Testimonial By: Kenneth Smith — Olney


I found this website and all the delicious products and decided to give it a try. I also really hoped it was all TRUE and not false nutritional info. The ZERO net Carb products-bagels, bread, pita etc.. are AWESOME!!! I am soo happy to have found this and I have ordered PLENTY for my freezer! I want to stay in ketosis and this bread with the 0 net carb is perfect! it is awesome to have bread with my burger, egg salad, tuna salad and eggs!!!! thank you , thank you!! thank you!! I hope you contiue to produce many more products for all of us no/low carbers! We need a great Pasta -- and we need to find a way to make no/lo carb potato chips! like baked ruffles! maybe soon..... wishful thinking!!
Testimonial By: Lisa Damiani — NYC

Junk food is great!

The Chocolite bars are as good as any candy bar I've ever had! The Carb Cruncher bagels are like bagel shop - very good - and the brownies and donuts are also good. Will be ordering again and again!
Testimonial By: Carol McDonald — Saint Albans

Awesome people, store

The only thing better than the variety of products offered is the customer service - what I would give to have Linda's store nearby, but I'm so grateful to be able to order online. The low-carb and sugar free options are fantastic, and any questions I've asked have been answered so quickly that I'm amazed (and sometimes worried that they work too much!!). Thank you to the best people and store on the web :)!!
Testimonial By: Laura — Raleigh

Excellent Pastries and Muffins

I have never eaten muffins that tasted so good. I had to pace myself to one a day. I love it. The donoughts are also amazingly good. My sweet tooth back in business!!
Testimonial By: thomasine frederick — orlando

Awesome Website

I love this website. The customer service is speedy and just...superb. The shipping is excellent. The selection of goods is phenomenal. I will be a longtime customer, for sure.
Testimonial By: J. Glover — Walker


I'm a first time user and am INCREDIBLY impressed with the service. Ordered on Friday...received on Saturday!

Everything is SUPER delicious and so well-priced. This is by far the best site out there for anyone's diet needs.

THANK YOU Linda's!!
Testimonial By: Cara G — NYC

So Good!!!

I've been on Weight Watchers and I love peanut butter. Peanut Butter is high in points. I was told from friends to try your site for pb2. I bought some and OMG!!! I love it and I can have so much for so very littel points. I'm back for more and trying some other items as well. Thank you for the yummy food, good service and fast shipping.
Testimonial By: Rochelle Hitchings — Fairport


My husband and I are eating healthy these days and he found you online. I finally accompanied him on Saturday and I was in heaven. I love your store and I found so many low sugar, low calorie and especially low carb breads. My husband has sweet tooth however and he is able to enjoy cookies, muffins and brownies with no guilt. Thank you for carrying so many products to choose from that allow us to indulge once in awhile. I will be visiting your store more often.
Testimonial By: Nelida Scala — East Rutherford

Great Bagels and Breads

Thanks for the Carb Krunchers Bagels and breads. they are really tasty and filling. I can now have sandwiches w/o all the guilt. You all carry so many great products! Besides the breads the ThinSlim muffins--AWESOME! Andrew is the Best too!
Testimonial By: Karen Porterfield — Cumming

Fabulous Customer Service

Linda's customer service is hands down THE BEST!!!

I recently had an issue with a shipment that had some 'friends' that decided to munch on the brownies I had ordered and hitch a ride into my kitchen. Arguably not Linda's Diet Delites issue since it happened in transit but they graciously offered to resend the portion of the order that was 'disturbed' and did so promptly and without question.

You are the BEST! Keep up the great work!
Testimonial By: Cara Jonas — Liberty Twp

Lo Carb Instant Mashers

I served the Dixie Lo Carb Instant Mashed potaotes for lunch and the family raved over them having no idea what they were eating! I ordered more just now! Yeah! A delicious, creamy potatoe dish! Without the Carbs!
Testimonial By: Claudia Price — Indiana


I ordered a sampling of things just to try out your products~ I love them! I live in a small town in Alaska and don't have a lot of shopping options~ now I don't need them! I found your site and I'm going to be a frequent shopper :)
Testimonial By: Melanie Webb — Homer

Awsome Store

I love this site ! I have enjoyed everything I have ordered except one item ( 0 carb bread ) Its not that it tastes bad its just very dry. I am going to try the 0 carb rye bread that just arrived today, because no matter how dry it is, its still "0" CARBS! Very Satisfied Customer
Testimonial By: Mary Visneau — East Syracuse

low carb bagels

awesome awesome awesome! Great taste and texture totally satisfies a carb need.Unbelievably good (my new best friends!)
Testimonial By: JANICE CLEMENS — chattanooga

low carb #1

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!!!!! I love the low carb lifestyle but the one thing I missed was a good old sandwich. Thank you for this product. The bread is "amazing" I honestly think it's better than "regular" bread, and filling oh my gosh...after a sandwich and nothing else I am stuffed and could not eat anything else. Thank you...cause momma likes to eat. LOL It's filling and good. Your a amazing and I love it. One's really expensive.
Testimonial By: crystal stamper — Whiteman AFB


I have been trying to find zero carb bread for a while now and then came across Linda's Diet Delites one day on the internet. I have never seen so many products that have zero carbs in them….so much to choose from! I am so excited and can't wait to get my order. I will definitely be ordering from here on a continued basis!!!
Testimonial By: Lisa MCGARRAH — FARMINGTON

Great Products & Staff

Very satisfied from the first order to the latest. Convenient to order and products have been high quality. I am so glad that I found this website. It has been very very helpful for my family. Recommend highly!
Testimonial By: A.L. — Staten Island

Excellent Customer Service!

I love how my emails get answered fast and when I place a order, I get it fast too. I often wait until I am all out of my favorite 0Carb bread and I love that I can have more in just a few days, and it comes fresh! I so love this place, I'm going to add a post about it on my blog. I live Low Carb and Linda helps me stay on track.
Testimonial By: Lynn Marie Millette — Goffstown

Can't stop eating this!

Bought the Flax Z Snax Blueberry Granola and am so thrilled to find a low carb, high fiber, YUMMY snack!!! Thank you for selling this fabulous product!
Testimonial By: Lydia Bryce — Red Oak

Gluten Free Procucts

I'm so happy to have a great place to order gluten free products for my kids who have Celiacs Diease. Great place to get all my products and so fast and easy. What a wonderful place, I really appericate you.
Testimonial By: Susan Wayne — Stockport

Excellent customer service and products!!

I have been ordering from Linda's for over a year, and I am impressed each time. The quality and variety of the products are unmatched, but what stands out the most is the excellent customer service that Andrew consistently provides. There have been several "special requests" in my shipping parameters, and Andrew is always attentive, patient, and responsive to my questions and concerns. I will be continuing to order from this company for years to come!
Testimonial By: Katie Rickel — Durham, NC

great company

best company to order low carb products. I especially love the carb crunchers bagels- satisfies your hunger and only 135 calories.
Love the free shipping, since i always order at least $100 worth!
Testimonial By: Therese


Linda's Diet Delites is quicky becoming my new favorite diet food store. Great selection and excellent customer service.
Testimonial By: Leina — New Yok

Customer service is fantastic!

This was just my second order but I have to say that the customer service has exceeded my expectations! Fast replies, great/fast shipping! And the website is SO easy to navigate! I'll be shopping here again & again!
Testimonial By: Lynn OKane — Ely

Julian Bakery Smart Carb Bread

I am hooked and a major fan!!! Taste so good you'll think you're cheating!! Well worth the price and effort to get if you are looking for a low carb bread!! Stop found it...Now are missing out if you don't try this bread!!!!
Testimonial By: Vickie Ritter-Shue

Responsive, Helpful, Convenient

I get it all...and give up nothing in return! Thanks Andrew! You have made shopping for allergen-free foods easy! They're hard to find in the first place, and impossible to find all in one store! Your willingness to special order products, your fast and freindly responses to inquiries, and your knowledge of special dietary needs make Linda's Diet Delites my new favorite store!! I am so happy we found you!
Testimonial By: Jennifer Scott — Brookfield, CT


The staff is friendly and knowledgeable on what they sell. The selection is amazing and for this mixed dietary needs house I have everything in one spot. I even have friends from the shore asking me to pick up stuff when I drive down. keep up the good work!
Testimonial By: Joseph Campos — hazlet

My Low Carb Lifeline!

Always satisfied with the products, huge selection, new products and most of all the great service! Andrew is like a nutritional guidance counselor! He's attentive, prompt and knows his products!
Testimonial By: Maria Shea — East Boston

Great Store

This website carries a great variety of low carb foods. Shipping is fast and communication is great. Their store front is also wonderful! If you are ever in the NJ area, you should stop by. Great customer service! The store associates offered alot of help and even provided product suggestions. Love this place!!!
Testimonial By: Gina Greda

Zero Carb Bread

Got my first zero carb breads today. Very tasty thanks for bringing back toast to my diet.
Testimonial By: Lynn M. — Goffstown

The Only Place To Go For Low-Carb Food Online!

Low-carb food is scarce in stores these days. But Linda's offers the best low-carb products all in one place. What a find!
Testimonial By: Michael Nace — Glen Mills

Best Online Store Full Stop!

I could not believe how fast the service was, nor that I could get free shipping on an order so heavy. I love the attitude on this site and of the people who run it - every other single low carb site I've been to seems to act like they're doing you a favor by letting you shop with them and to add to the rude attitude, the shipping is astronomical. I actually thought Linda's Diet Delites was too good to be true at first but I finally placed an order and will DEFINITELY be making many more! Wonderful food and wonderful service - Thank you so much!
Testimonial By: Katherine — Ashburn

Fantastic products and service

Carb Kruncher bagels are absolutely my favorite low carb bagels. The prices and service here are exceptional. I get my bagel fix and fast shipping to boot. What more could I ask for!
Testimonial By: Sandra Fleming — Verona

i love this place

I must admit that I was sceptical about this place. I went to the store to purchase Arctic Zero, but after meeting Andrew + working with him now a few times I realize I am so lucky to have found this store. The store itself has everything you could possibly dream of, but Andrew makes it even better because he's so accomodating as well as knowledgable. It's worth the trip + I love some of the new products he's turned me on to.
Thanks Andrew for being in New Jersey!!!
Testimonial By: Lynne Springer — Holmdel


I am so glad I found your on-line site. I love the Simply Scrumptious line and it is great to be able to eat wonderful deserts with no artificial preservatives, all natural ingredients. Plus, I have no qualms about ordering on-line because the service is excellent. Thank you Andrew.
Testimonial By: Sharon — Saint Clair Shores

Far Exceed

Brenda A. emailed us, "I would like to take this time to thank you for such fast service. You by far exceed other companies I have ordered from."
Testimonial By: Andrew @ Linda's — Clark

Best Bagel

These are the best bagels I have eaten for only 1 point. They taste "real" to me and I am very picky. Bread and pasta are my weakness, so I have tried lots of alternatives to reduce my points. No bagel comes close to the taste of these. You will not be disappointed.
Testimonial By: Mandi Smith T — Birmingham

great website

I have never written a testimonial, but I have to, this is the best on-line store I have ever used to. The ordering is easy and you have the most payment options. Delivery always arrives when promised and if not you are made aware of any delays. Thank you to Andrew and his staff.
Testimonial By: Maria ross — commack

I Love Your Website

I love your website. I have had questions on items in the past and I appreciate your prompt feedback. Thanks for a bringing us such great low calorie and low carb products.
Testimonial By: Theresa — Texas

Love it

I have been doing Weight Watchers for almost 2 years and I am always looking for satisfying low point snacks. I finally placed an order for the Fiber Gourment Frosted Brownies and I absolutely LOVE them. I am going to place another order, so I am never without them.
Testimonial By: Barbara Siminerio — Farmigdale


This site is outstanding. I always love trying new products, especially healthy ones, and this is my new source for most of my special treats purchases these days. They always deliver quickly, the products they get are great, always new products being added, and customer service is A+
Testimonial By: Eric Weirath — Columbia

YUM !!!!!

I am thrilled to have found this store...... so excited to be able to treat myself without the guilt.... love the choices !!!
Testimonial By: peggy trefaller — ambler

Great Food! Great Service! Great Fun!

I started out with the bagels and have expanded to cookies and other low carb items. They are great. Everything comes as ordered, in a timely manner, and fresh. And Andrew is great to work with. Love the videos, Andrew--keep 'em coming.
Testimonial By: Bettelou Reed — Corpus Christi

Good Food--Awesome Service

We are hooked on the low carb bagels and really liked the ones from CCG. Andrew has been fantastic in getting the bagels to us and now that they might not be made any more, he has recommended some others. Can't wait to try 'em! Good food, GREAT service…what more could you want?
Testimonial By: Peggy — Collierville


This is truly an amazing store! It has all the great finds you can imagine. The danish is so good and low calorie! The Chicago Pizza is so yummy and again low calorie. I love the options and on a low calorie diet it is hard to find amazing foods!!! But NOT now!!! Customer Service is exceptional. Andrew took his time to show me what the store has and let me sample some of the foods. Then he followed up with me to see what I thought after I bought several items. This store is a must and will be a regular grocery store for me!!!
Testimonial By: Melinda Day — New York

The Most Extensive, Well Managed Site Out There

Linda's Diet Delites is, by far, the most extensive on-line store for healthy and diet-friendly products. As a Nutritionist, not only do I purchase things for myself, but it's the only store I recommend to my clients due to it's low prices and wide range of products. It's only made better by how they're always ontop of new trends and companies. The best selection AND prices? Talk about a rare find!
Testimonial By: Joy Remetta — Boston

Please Expand!

Your store is a gem...I have never found so many excellent low sugar, low calorie products under one roof or on one web site for that matter. I am a 34 year old full time working parent who is comitted to fitness and healthy nutrition in my daily lifestyle. I have an serious sweet tooth however, and have been able to enjoy desserts and continue to maintain a healthy weight due to regular exercise and to many of the low calorie, high satisfaction treats sold here. Thank you for carrying so many delicious products that allow for a healthy diet without sacrifice. Your products got me through the holiday season without ANY weight gain (versus my usual 3-5 pound increase). This is the first year I was able to ignore plates of Christmas cookies knowing I had great tasting muffins, brownies and pastries on hand to satisfy my sweet tooth at a fraction of the fat and calories. Love your store and your website and would love to see more locations throughout NJ!!!
Testimonial By: danielle straffi — medford

low carb

I am a diabetic and have to watch my carbs, & I love bread. This has been a savior for me & my condition. don't stop baking low carb foods !
Testimonial By: carol hemsey — lawrenceville


Not only does this company bend over backwards to give you their very best service, but they offer a product line that is indeed a "DIETER'S DELIGHT"!!!!! I am a carb-watcher, and was fortunate enough to learn about this company from my daughter who has used them for years for her "Weight Watcher" program. I have told my friends in Florida all about Linda's Diet Delites and even have given them "snippets" to taste and they all agreed with me and in fact, ordered on their own. Really, I can't sing their praises enough. Yes, I am a very satisfied customer and I hope they grow and grow because I don't ever want to do without my "stash" from Linda's Diet Delites!!!!
Testimonial By: Adela Nass — Delray Beach, Florida

Love your website

By the way, love your website and all the great products!
Testimonial By: Jill


Just wanted to let you know your food is YUMMY! And your customer service is even better! LOVE the Carb Cruncher BROWNIE!! MMMMM good!
Testimonial By: Amy — Jefferson City, MO

I'll Add One

Since finding this website, I have become addicted to the fantastic low calorie, low sugar deserts here. While I am surrounded by Trader Joes and Whole Foods and natural or organic specialty food stores on every corner, I've never found products as good as these. Delivery is reliable and items arrive fresh and intact. I'm already a loyal repeat customer.
Testimonial By: Angel Vandergrift — Brooklyn

Best shop Eva!

Ok, so maybe I'm biased. But I had to at least create one testimonial since this function on our website is so new even I don't know how it works yet - yikes!

So go ahead and add your own testimonials.
Testimonial By: Andrew — Summit