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Shipping & Returns

For shipping and returns information, click the below headers to expand each section.

Order Options

You can either order via our website, the Contact Us page, or by giving us a call at 866-833-0634 9-5 EST M-F.

Shipping Locations

Linda's Diet Delites will ship anywhere in the US. We do not ship internationally.

Shipping Costs

We currently offer free shipping on all non-frozen orders over $100 in the continental US.

There is a shipping estimator on the checkout page for both guests and registered customers. Shipping cost is based on weight, distance, and carrier (Fedex or USPS.)

One way to reduce shipping costs is to buy more! No really, we are serious. The more you purchase, the less the shipping cost per item. For instance sending 4 bags of Fiber Gourmet pasta might cost $10, but sending 12 bags of Fiber Gourmet might only costs $12.

Unfortunately, shipping costs are determined by weight and the products we carry have a high shipping-to-product-cost ratio.

Here is an example: you purchase a diamond for $1,000 and the shipping cost will be say, $20 (2% of the price of the diamond); on the other hand, when you purchase $1,000 worth of diet food, your shipping cost will more likely be $200 (20% of the price of the food).

Products such as jewelry, CDs, electronics, clothing, and flowers are light; therefore, their shipping costs will not represent a large percentage of their total order cost.

Shipping Date

Normally, your order will ship the day after the order is placed.

If we are missing an item, but that item will arrive in time for your order to ship the same week, we will hold the order till the product arrives.

If we are missing an item, but that item won't arrive in time for your order to ship the same week, we will contact you with more information and options.

If your order contains any highly perishable items and the shipping time is such that it won't arrive by Saturday we will hold the order to ship on the next Monday.

A Fedex transit times map has been provided below.

Shipping Transit Time

Orders shipped via USPS will arrive within 2-3 business days. This means if your order is shipped on a Monday it will arrive by either Weds. or Thursday.

Orders shipped via Fedex will arrive close to the schedule for the below Fedex map.

USPS? Fedex? I can't Decide!

If you are within the 1-2 day Fedex zone, we recommend choosing Fedex during checkout even if slightly more expensive. Fedex is always more reliable and provides better tracking information.

If you are outside of the 2 day Fedex zone then we recommend USPS if you want it the fastest and Fedex if you want it the cheapest.

All orders over $100 which are shipped for free are shipped using Fedex Ground.

What is USPS Flat Rate?

The flat rate USPS shipping option is a way to take advantage of potentially less expensive shipping rates offered by USPS. There is a small and a large flat rate box. The pricing for each depends on your location in relation to our warehouse. If your order is given the flat rate shipping option at checkout, this indicates the items *should* fit in the suggested box size.

Sometimes orders don't fit, in which case they are normally sent via Fedex.

Returns or Damaged Product

We accept returns on any unopened, non-perishable products. You will responsible for covering the shipping costs to send the product back to us. Please contact us if you need to do this.

We can not accept returns on items based on taste. If you have never tried something, please do not purchase 50 of that item assuming it will be good. Everyone has different tastes which is why we have such a large selection. Start with one or two and see whether you enjoy it.

When shipping perishable products problems sometimes occur with the condition of the product. If you are not satisfied with your order please contact us in regards to returns or product damaged during shipping. We will be more than willing to assist you in reconciling the situation.

Shipping Chocolate

We do not accept returns on melted candy or chocolate. We can never guarantee that these items will not melt or bloom (white residue formed after melting). Bloom does not affect the flavor or quality of the chocolate.

Incorrect Delivery Address

If an incorrect delivery address is entered at checkout, the customer is responsible for any rerouting charges or damaged product that results.

Frozen Shipping

A select few products we stock require frozen shipping.

Products that need to remain frozen appear in the Frozen Shipping sections of the website.

When shipped, these items are sent in a styrofoam container and are kept cold through the use of dry ice.

Frozen Shipping is currently available to all customers, but for customers outside of our 2 day shipping zone you will need to be willing to pay for upgraded 2 day shipping (normally $50 or more.)

If you are uncertain whether you qualify for 2 Day Fedex ,checkout the chart below or contact us.

The cost for shipping frozen items starts with a frozen bucket charge of $15. This partially covers the cost of the styrofoam container and dry ice.

Actual Fedex shipping cost is then based on weight and distance.

We do not offer free shipping on frozen orders over $100.

We currently only ship frozen dessert once per week. This gives us the ability to be less wasteful with the dry ice (reduce your cost) and to ensure that packages arrive as they should. Therefore you may order on a Monday, but it might not ship till Thursday. When the order ships you will receive an email notifying you. If we do not expect to be able to ship your order the same week you place the order, we will notify you.

Fedex Shipping

FedEx Home Delivery business days are Tuesday through Saturday (excluding holidays).

Example: A package shipped via FedEx Ground on Monday with a transit schedule of 2 business days, would be expected for delivery on Wednesday. A package shipped on Friday with a 2-day transit schedule would be expected for delivery the following Tuesday.