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YUM !!!!!

I am thrilled to have found this store...... so excited to be able to treat myself without the guilt.... love the choices !!!
Testimonial By: peggy trefaller — ambler

Great Food! Great Service! Great Fun!

I started out with the bagels and have expanded to cookies and other low carb items. They are great. Everything comes as ordered, in a timely manner, and fresh. And Andrew is great to work with. Love the videos, Andrew--keep 'em coming.
Testimonial By: Bettelou Reed — Corpus Christi

Good Food--Awesome Service

We are hooked on the low carb bagels and really liked the ones from CCG. Andrew has been fantastic in getting the bagels to us and now that they might not be made any more, he has recommended some others. Can't wait to try 'em! Good food, GREAT service…what more could you want?
Testimonial By: Peggy — Collierville


This is truly an amazing store! It has all the great finds you can imagine. The danish is so good and low calorie! The Chicago Pizza is so yummy and again low calorie. I love the options and on a low calorie diet it is hard to find amazing foods!!! But NOT now!!! Customer Service is exceptional. Andrew took his time to show me what the store has and let me sample some of the foods. Then he followed up with me to see what I thought after I bought several items. This store is a must and will be a regular grocery store for me!!!
Testimonial By: Melinda Day — New York

The Most Extensive, Well Managed Site Out There

Linda's Diet Delites is, by far, the most extensive on-line store for healthy and diet-friendly products. As a Nutritionist, not only do I purchase things for myself, but it's the only store I recommend to my clients due to it's low prices and wide range of products. It's only made better by how they're always ontop of new trends and companies. The best selection AND prices? Talk about a rare find!
Testimonial By: Joy Remetta — Boston

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