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Your store is a gem...I have never found so many excellent low sugar, low calorie products under one roof or on one web site for that matter. I am a 34 year old full time working parent who is comitted to fitness and healthy nutrition in my daily lifestyle. I have an serious sweet tooth however, and have been able to enjoy desserts and continue to maintain a healthy weight due to regular exercise and to many of the low calorie, high satisfaction treats sold here. Thank you for carrying so many delicious products that allow for a healthy diet without sacrifice. Your products got me through the holiday season without ANY weight gain (versus my usual 3-5 pound increase). This is the first year I was able to ignore plates of Christmas cookies knowing I had great tasting muffins, brownies and pastries on hand to satisfy my sweet tooth at a fraction of the fat and calories. Love your store and your website and would love to see more locations throughout NJ!!!
Testimonial By: danielle straffi — medford

low carb

I am a diabetic and have to watch my carbs, & I love bread. This has been a savior for me & my condition. don't stop baking low carb foods !
Testimonial By: carol hemsey — lawrenceville


Not only does this company bend over backwards to give you their very best service, but they offer a product line that is indeed a "DIETER'S DELIGHT"!!!!! I am a carb-watcher, and was fortunate enough to learn about this company from my daughter who has used them for years for her "Weight Watcher" program. I have told my friends in Florida all about Linda's Diet Delites and even have given them "snippets" to taste and they all agreed with me and in fact, ordered on their own. Really, I can't sing their praises enough. Yes, I am a very satisfied customer and I hope they grow and grow because I don't ever want to do without my "stash" from Linda's Diet Delites!!!!
Testimonial By: Adela Nass — Delray Beach, Florida

Love your website

By the way, love your website and all the great products!
Testimonial By: Jill


Just wanted to let you know your food is YUMMY! And your customer service is even better! LOVE the Carb Cruncher BROWNIE!! MMMMM good!
Testimonial By: Amy — Jefferson City, MO

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