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Richie C.

I've been shopping on Linda's for a couple of years, and from distant Los Angeles, no less.

1. CUSTOMER SERVICE. Their customer service is excellent, fearlessly led by Sarina and Andrew as of this writing.

2. ACCURACY. Their order accuracy has been stellar.

3. SHIPPING. Their shipment times have never missed.

4. PRODUCTS. Their products consistently are fresh and great-tasting, especially given the nutritional "numbers." I'm from Philadelphia, incredibly fussy about bagels, and their bagels, considering the calories, etc., are superior.

I recommend to the highest degree. Richie C. in LA
Testimonial By: Richard — Santa Monica, CA, United States

So Many Options!!!

Wow...so many options for me, I can't choose which ones to order at one time. I'm always on the lookout for good tasting low-carb foods. I found your site through an order on placed on thinslimfoods.com. Will be placing more future orders.
Testimonial By: Jeffrey — Simi Valley, CA, United States


I am thrilled I found this site. AS a diabetic I have to keep my carb count low. These products allow me to eat the things I love and not worry about spiking my sugar levels. I have recomended you to family and friends. Thank you Joe C.
Testimonial By: JOSEPH — EAST WINDSOR, NJ, United States

Thank YOU!

I am so glad my hair stylist told me about linda'sdietdelites.com The bread is fabulous. I recently purchased the Sampler Pack and enjoyed the variety of items. Low Carb, High Protein, Low Sugar - what's not to like!!!
Testimonial By: Janis — Denville, NJ, United States

Thank God I found this web site...

My name is Carla and I was diagnosed with bulimia nervosa many years ago, so my problems with food, specially with sweets, started when I was a teenager. Now that I found these products I can eat them with no guilt feeling and enjoying again its awesome flavors... I only can say, thank you for helping me to stop my eating disorders. :)
Testimonial By: Carla — Los Angeles, CA, United States

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