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Diet Foods

Don't Waste Another Bite!

Grab the lowest 'Smart Diet Count' and lowest calorie products available...

... especially when compared ounce for ounce to more widely available alternatives.

The Diet Foods category includes all of the low calorie and low carb foods we offer.

Supercharge your chances of diet success today with diet foods that taste great!
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Displaying 41 to 80 (of 211 products) View All

Why shop at Linda's Diet Delites?

Selection - You have your pick of everything from healthy mixes, to already prepared items such as low calorie brownies, cookies, candies, cereal, 40 calorie muffins, and more.

Brownies, Bread, Donuts, and More - Linda's Diet Delites is one of the only places you can purchase perishable items, like bread and donuts, and shelf-stable picks, such as sauces and mixes. Carb lovers no longer have to do without.

Truly Low Calorie - You may have seen low calorie foods in the local store, however many of these products still have a substantial amount of calories. Our low calorie foods are significantly lower than those found in supermarkets - even products made for dieters.

Reduce Your Shipping Costs - Our shipping rates our low and by ordering all of your food at a one-stop-shop, you only pay for shipping once. Don't forget we offer free shipping on orders over $100.

Stellar Customer Service - If you have a question about a product, Linda's Diet Delites is here to help. Our excellent customer service professionals will ensure that you have a wonderful experience when shopping with us. We provide you with detailed product descriptions, a blog highlighting various items, and even product videos to make choosing your next meal a snap.

Is tasty diet food too good to be true?

When most people think of diet food they picture crazy smoothie concoctions, salads, tuna fish with no mayo, and restrictions. While all of those might qualify as diet food, most people can't take a diet consisting of those for very long.

Linda's Diet Delites partners with bakeries that are experts in crafting delicious, truly unique diet foods with nutritionals that are usually unmatched elsewhere.- evidenced by the fact that our core customer base is returning customers.

How's that now?

The secret to our product mix is not to make a better tasting smoothie, a better tasting salad, or a better tasting tuna fish, but instead to combine reasonable portion sizes and unique ingredients to recreate traditional junk food into healthier versions.

Did donuts, pasta, bread, and muffins contribute to your weight gain? We offer lower calorie, lower carb versions that allow you to still indulge while not ruining your healthy lifestyle efforts.

So, is this like the cookie diet?

First let me stress - we don't offer diet advice. Our products fit with many diets.

Second, are we advocating you throw out all those traditional healthy foods and eat our donuts all day? No! That's a recipe for failure. But, by incorporating the products we offer into your lifestyle, you can still have indulgences - everything in moderation.

Why not just get products from the supermarket?

Supermarket shelves are lined with products advertised as "low calorie" or "high fiber." Yet, most products are either deceptively small in portion size, still high in calories, or have an ingredient list a mile long.

Why not just eat regular food in moderation?

For a very small portion of the population this works. For everyone else, there is our products. Plus why waste your calories or carbs on a product that isn't crafted to be low calorie or low carb and taste good? You could eat 5-10 of our cookies for the same calories as 1 traditional cookie.

Linda's Diet Delites partners with bakeries that are experts in crafting delicious, truly unique diet foods with nutritionals that are usually unmatched elsewhere.