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Golden Star Bakery Low Carb Cookies

  • By: Andrea J
    I absolutely love the Almond flavor!! I will hold up my monthly order until it's back in stock. It is so worth budgeting the 270 cals for the whole cookie and it only has 3 carbs per total cookie. It's big, filling and satisfying.
  • By: Randee
    Will not buy again. These are nasty. And I can tolerate a lot when it comes to low carb goodies but not these. The only flavor I could stomach was vanilla. If you want to satisfy your sweet tooth like I was trying to do. Buy the cinnamon or blueberry muffins!!! Very very good.
  • By: Caitlin
    Honestly, I was expecting more from this cookie. I ordered the chocolate chocolate chip flavor, and for 270 calories for the entire thing (1.5 serving per cookie) I expected it to have a richer taste. The cocoa is very muted and it's not sweet at all. However, it's quite dense, so it should be able to fill you at least! Decent cookie, no artificial aftertaste, but its overall lack of taste for so many calories will prevent me from ordering it again unfortunately. There are way better cookies out there for 270 calories!
  • By: Alice
    I ordered just a couple of these the first time I am on my third order, so large and so good.
  • By: Shannon
    Oh my goodness, these are delicious! Not only do they not taste "diet-like", they are one of the best cookies I have ever had...period. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!
  • By: Marlo
    Soooooo darn good... I was shocked at how delicious and satisfying these were. I would never think these are low in carbs. I ordered one the first go round because I wanted to taste them before I ordered more... None-the-less, I ordered lots more so friends and family can taste them.. Great snack for serious low carb dieters.
  • By: Samantha
    Fabulous!! These cookies are huge and soft, which was so surprising considering most other brands sugar free cookies, totally worth it
  • By: Goldie
    OMG these cookies are the way to go if you are looking for something sweet and fulfiling..I order the chocolate and lemon and just placed a second order of each flavor to see if I like anymore flavors...these cookies are way to gooood
  • By: Tina
    I think these low carb cookies are great. They have more of a fresh baked cookie taste than most cookies you get in a plastic wrapper! The cookies are soft and chewy. They are a very large size. I was pleasantly surprised and will be ordering more of these.