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Golden Star Bakery Low Carb Brownie

  • By: Bea
    Moist brownies, not a strong rich flavor. Satisfying taste. I think the actual calorie content seems closer to 300? Not sure if I would order again due to the high fat content.
  • By: Amber
    These brownies are so good. Although they are high in fat they are low carb compared to traditional brownies. A bit pricey for one brownie. I prefer the FiberOne brownies. These are good but I will not order these again.
  • By: Sherryann
    Sooo good! Like a real carby brownie! I've only tried the peanut butter, but I'll probably buy the Blondie next. It almost tastes as tho there should be walnuts in here. This is really tasty. I divide it into 3 servings per bar, so I can savor it & get the most of the it. The brownie is pretty average sized compared to any other brownie. No weird aftertaste & it's dense & moist (obviously not as much as a real brownie), but this really kicks that sweet craving. Will definitely, definitely buy again.
  • By: Coresa
    OMGoodness very very very good. Doesn't taste like low carb at all. I love this brownie , will be reordering
  • By: Stephanie
    Chocolate taste like a real brownie and is a large size but...........it is made with Maltitol sweetner unlike some of the other brownies. It tastes great but will mess with your stomach and may cause diarrhea from that sweetner. It's a shame because it is so good tasting!
  • By: Shalaunda
    These brownies were awesome!!! I will definitely buy again!
  • By: Amanda
    These tasted amazing. Moist, great size, would purchase again!
  • By: JILL
    These are fabulous! Very moist and rich chocolate flavor. Yum.
  • By: Cindy
    These are super chocolate-y, moist and I was totally surprised how tasty they were. The only thing I wish is that they weren't so high in fat.