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Golden Star Bakery Fat Free Brownie

  • By: Jillian
    VERY GOOD! Worth the $1.97 and its fat free! can't go wrong :)
  • By: Cindy
    Didn't like the consistency of this brownie or the flavor (which seemed to be lacking). The cinnamon version of this brownie though is absolutely delicious.
  • By: danielle
    The other reviews aren't great so I figured I'd chime in...this has more of a spongey on the inside/crusty on the outside texture than a regular brownie. Almost merengue-like....not dense. When heated for a bit in the toaster oven, the icing gets melty and makes the light texture of the brownie more interesting and flavorful. Mt 5 year old daughter loves these - not quite as good as the cinnamon bars bu this company but still chocolatey and worth the money!
  • By: naomi
    I went ahead and gave four stars on this brownie. I follow the weightwatchers low point eating plan and for just two points, it has a very good taste, more like a real brownie. Yes, it was very dry, but I put it in the microwave for only 5-10 seconds and that helped a lot. If you couple it with a bit of ice cream also makes it good and you don't notice the dryness as much. I am a repeated buyer of this product.
  • By: Cristina
    This brownie is decent. It's definitely not as appealing to look at as this picture depicts, but the taste is pretty good. The brownie was kind of hard and so was the icing, so if you're looking for a moist, gooey brownie, go elsewhere. But again, it was passably tasty, so for the low calorie count, I'd say it's worth it.
  • By: Emily
    I am really confused on this product! It looks NOTHING like the picture. The image is a dark brown color and it looks soft and moist with a rich with a gooey fudge topping. The brownie I received was pale, firm (not rock hard, but had an "aged" feel), and the topping wasn't gooey fudge - it was like hard icing. It was a bit dry, much like cake would be after sitting out for a couple days. So I'm not sure if I was just given something OLD or if this is how the product is. Still, I give 3 stars because the taste was still really good. I can imagine it would be 5 stars and 10 times better if I had gotten a FRESH one.