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Golden Star Bakery Fat Free Goldyes Cinnamons

  • By: Caitlin
    Not sure if I just got a bad one, but mine was very dense and sort of dry compared to what I was expecting. I thought it would be moist and soft, but it was tougher and the frosting reminded me almost of fondant, just not as chewy. Aside from the texture, the taste is phenomenal. Perfect for those who don't like artificial sweeteners, as you don't taste it at all in these! Very sweet and something I would get again and recommend. Tastes just like powdered sugar frosting, nothing weird or chemical about it!
  • By: Jillian
    Very yummy. It has a cinnamon sugary taste. the texture is like a blondie and worth the little calories it has. A great treat! love 'em!
  • By: Cindy
    Absolutely delicious and a nice alternative to the traditional chocolate brownie. These goodies are loaded with cinnamon, even the icing. Satisfies my sweet tooth every time.
  • By: Mary Ellen
    Goldyes Cinnamons have a rich bakery taste. Will definitely repurchase.
  • By: Lois
    These cakes are wonderful. They're as good as any high calorie bakery item without the calories.
  • By: danielle
    These are amazing! Crumbly on the bottom, soft in the center and topped with a perect glaze. Delicious at any temperature (but a minute in the toaster is my favorite) they are big enough that even just eating half is satisfying.
  • By: Jill
    These are so good!! You would never believe they are not loaded with fat and calories. The cake and moist and very flavorful and the icing just makes it truly decadent.