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Golden Star Bakery Fat Free Cookies


For a low calorie cookie these things are amazing and HUGE! No artificial sweetener taste (I don't even think they use them) and very sweet frosting! When not microwaved it's like fondant (which I LOVE) but it's also incredible when heated up as suggested by Linda's Diet Delites (this way reminds me of a warm freshly baked donut from Krispy Kreme)! The cake itself is less impressive which is why this loses one star as it doesn't really taste like much other than perhaps a more dense angel food cake base, but this is something I would definitely get again! I ordered it in 90 degree weather and the frosting stayed on the cookie surprisingly, I was expecting it to be on the wrapper but I suppose sometimes you get lucky! ;)
Date Added: 08/17/2017 by Caitlin
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