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Your store is a gem...I have never found so many excellent low sugar, low calorie products under one roof or on one web site for that matter. I am a 34 year old full time working parent who is comitted to fitness and healthy nutrition in my daily lifestyle. I have an serious sweet tooth however, and have been able to enjoy desserts and continue to maintain a healthy weight due to regular exercise and to many of the low calorie, high satisfaction treats sold here. Thank you for carrying so many delicious products that allow for a healthy diet without sacrifice. Your products got me through the holiday season without ANY weight gain (versus my usual 3-5 pound increase). This is the first year I was able to ignore plates of Christmas cookies knowing I had great tasting muffins, brownies and pastries on hand to satisfy my sweet tooth at a fraction of the fat and calories. Love your store and your website and would love to see more locations throughout NJ!!!
Testimonial By: danielle straffi — medford

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