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Low Carb Foods

Seeking Low Carb Food or Keto Food for your Low Carb Diet? Tired of steak and eggs? You've found the best selection of low carb products in one convenient low carb food store!

Supercharge your chances of diet success today with low carb foods that taste great!

Help Me Choose: Why Low Carb Foods from Linda's Diet Delites? and Resources
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Displaying 1 to 40 (of 200 products) View All

Why Shop for Low Carb Foods at Linda's Diet Delites?

Selection - You have your pick of everything from low carb mixes, to already prepared items such as brownies, cookies, candies, cereal, and of course low carb bread.

Brownies, Bread, Donuts, and More - Linda's Diet Delites is one of the only places you can purchase perishable items, like bread and donuts, and shelf-stable picks, such as sauces and mixes. Carb lovers no longer have to do without.

Truly Low Carb and Diabetic-Friendly - You may have seen low carb breads in the store, however many of these products still have a substantial amount of carbohydrates. Our low carb breads are between 0g and 6g of net carbs per serving. One brand, Healthwise Bakery, even guarantees that diabetics will not have ANY blood sugar impact.

Our Prices Can't Be Beat - Healthy, specialty items are notoriously pricey. However, Linda's Diet Delites does so much business with bakeries, that we get exclusive savings. We share these savings with you. Our shipping rates our low and by ordering all of your food at a one-stop-shop, you only pay for shipping once.

Stellar Customer Service - If you have a question about a product, Linda's Diet Delites is here to help. Our excellent customer service professionals will ensure that you have a wonderful experience when shopping with us. We provide you with detailed product descriptions, a blog highlighting various items, and even product videos to make choosing your next meal a snap.

Low Carb Diet Success depends on 3 crucial things:

1. Get the Info

Make sure you have some sort of idea about what you should be doing on a low carb diet otherwise you risk sabotaging your results. Too many people start a low carb diet by just attempting to not eat stuff they think has carbs and then when it doesn't work, they blame the diet.

Keep in mind, when researching that "low carb", "Atkins Diet", "South Beach Diet", and "Ketogenic Diet" are all built on similar tenants of adherence to a low carb diet, but differ in the nitty gritty details. Here are some resources:
Keto in a Nutshell - a summary of keto provided by Reddit
Keto FAQ - a Keto FAQ supplied by the website Reddit
Wikipedia Low-Carbohydrate Diet - The Wikipedia.com article all about low carb diets.
About.com Low Carb Page - The low carb diets page provided by about.com

2. Get Support

All life changes are easier to stick to when you have support. When going low carb, that support is often difficult to find locally due to normal social pressures to eat and drink the same junk food as everyone else. If you don't have a friend or family member to diet with, check out some of these resources:
Low Carb Friends - A community forum for all things low carb.
Atkins Community - The actual forum on the Atkins website.
Low Carber Forum

3. Get Food

Once you know what type of food to eat, its time to EAT! (everyone's favorite part).

For this, you have 3 main options:
a) figure out what foods are naturally low carb in the supermarkets such as meat, eggs, certain cheeses, meat, and did we mention meat?

b) create dishes at home using low carb recipes.
Linda's Low Carb Menu and Recipes - Not to be confused with Linda's Diet Delites, Linda's is a great resource for low carb recipes.
Low Carb Luxury Recipes - The recipe page provided by Low Carb Luxury

c) supplement your diet with foods found at Linda's Diet Delites for greater success and enjoyment.

Here's the truth

To succeed on a low carb diet you don't have to buy low carb food from a low carb superstore like Linda's Diet Delites. But, your chances for success are significantly greater if you do.

By incorporating the low carb foods we offer into your low-carb diet, we find many people are able to stick to their diet longer because it provides greater variety, they are able to have foods that they wouldn't be able to make at home (even with serious chef inspired dedication), and in many cases the cost of the item is significantly cheaper than if you were to attempt to create it at home - we've heard some horror stories about spending big bucks on bread machines, ingredients, hours of lost time, and only winding up with a poor tasting loaf.

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