Chocolite Discount

We are trying out a discounted price on Chocolite of only $1.49. If all goes well (and plenty of you purchase based on the sale price) we will be keeping the price at $1.49 permanently.But, we need to sell more in order to make it worthwhile – so check ’em out and grab some today if you’ve been holding back!To see all of the Chocolite discounts chekc out the Chocolite Manufacturers page.

Changes to the Product Pages

A couple customers mentioned it would be easier to shop if they weren’t taken to the shopping cart after adding items to the cart. That way they could add multiple flavors of the same items (can you say Light Touch muffins and cookies ). So I’ve adjusted the site so that you aren’t taken away from the product page and instead are given a notice the product has been added to the cart.

Website Fixes Done

After a lot of fretting and tinkering with the remaining issues after the upgrade, the final changes are done. Everything should be working fine. Let me know if you run into any problems such as a product page not loading.  Thanks to everyone who let me know when they hit snags – it definitely helped me pinpoint the problem. 

Website Update

Changes to the website are very nearly complete. The site is running faster and *almost* all pages are working correctly. I will be tinkering with the final adjustments, but only late at night to prevent interuptions in service.Let me know if you find any problems or pages that don’t load,etc.