Zero Net Carb Breads and Bagels are back!

1-2 months ago Controlled Carb Gourmet discontinued the zero net carb bagels, zero net carb breads, and zero net carb hamburger buns.

In response I posted a note on our blog explaining the situation.

A person by the name of Mark then emailed me this week to let me know his company is the actual bakery that makes the zero net carb products and they are now available direct from his company.

It turns out Controlled Carb Gourmet had just been private labeling the zero net carb products.

So what does this me to YOU?!!

Well, the Zero Net Carb Products are back! And on top of that, it should be easier to keep them in stock and they will be more fresh than before.

Be sure to check out our wide range of low carb bagels at Linda’s Diet Delites!

A Goldenstar Bakery Adventure

As some of you may recall, Linda’s Diet Delites was having difficulty getting our hands on our latest batch of Goldenstar Bakery cookies, brownies, and more for almost 2 weeks near the end of November and beginning of December.

After waiting and waiting, Linda was finally able to get Gabriel at Goldenstar Bakery to spill the beans in regards to the issue. It turned out that UPS and Goldenstar were in a little tiff about shipping and that is why we weren’t able to get the product.

So, I called Goldenstar Bakery and asked Gabriel if I could just come and get them myself because I knew all of you just couldn’t live without your brownies and cookies. He of course said yes and thus began “A Goldenstar Bakery Adventure.”

Prior to visiting a week ago, I had never been to Goldenstar Bakery. After a quick discussion with Gabriel, I plotted their address in Google Maps and planned a trip all the way out to Queens, NY.

Once in Queens, I was immediately lost. In order to find the bakery I was forced to call on a friend to provide turn by turn directions to keep me in the right direction. Even once I was right in front of the bakery I still couldn’t find it! “It isn’t here!” I exclaimed to my friend.

But, it was. They just had a different sign on the front – the existing sign was for some sort of cafe (mind you they only recently moved to this new location.)

Once inside, I couldn’t seem to locate any “Goldenstar” related items other than a basket of cookies on the counter. I asked the gentleman behind the counter if he knew where Goldenstar Bakery was and he chuckled at me before saying the owner was the man on the other side of the store.

When I walked over to the owner, and introduced myself, he greeted me warmly and let me know my products were waiting for me.

“Before I go, what else do you have here?” I asked figuring I might as well check out their entire inventory to see if I could find any new goodies.

“Well, follow me.” he replied.

I followed him through a large bake room full of ovens, and into the basement where more ovens, racks, packaging machines, and boxes of cookies and brownies were stacked waiting to be shipped.

“Take a look around.” he offered and so I did.

Upon inspection, I happened across a number of interesting new items. But the one I settled on was the Goldenstar Bakery Biscottini. These delicious and light Biscotti cookies were higher in fiber than Goldenstar’s traditional Biscotti and the serving sizes were larger.

“I bet these will be a hit.” I said and he told me all about how he used to sell a ton of them to the now defunct Diet Centers across the U.S.

Once I was outfitted with a couple cases of the new Goldenstar Bakery Biscottini, the ever popular Goldenstar Bakery cookies and Goldenstar brownies I was all set to go – straight to our retail location to fulfill some orders that had been pending while we waited for the cookies to arrive.

I was so excited about the new Goldenstar Bakery Biscottini that I even added the Goldenstar Bakery Rainbows to the website. Although we have carried these with much success in our retail location, they have only recently made their debut online.


Zero Net Carb Bagels & Zero Net Carb Bread

***Update to the below post.** Check it out here: zero net carb update Many people have been wondering what happened to the zero net carb bagels and zero net carb bread products we used to carry from Controlled Carb Gourmet. It turns out that although the products did have a following, the ingredients where too expensive and too scarce for the production to be possible so Controlled Carb Gourmet recently stopped producing all their zero net carb products.Controlled Carb Gourmet still has some of the cinnamon flavored zero net carb bread, but there definitely isn’t anymore zero net carb plain bread, zero net carb hamburger buns, or zero net carb bagels.WHAT TO DO?!?!?!?!!Well, if you haven’t already tried them, I highly recommend the individual low carb bagels made by the same company. All the bagels are low in calories, low in carbs, and so tasty even our customers not focused on low carb enjoy eating them.Or, I would also recommend the Carb Krunchers Bagels and Carb Krunchers Bread. These bagels are a little larger and definitely heavier than the individual low carb bagels.