Gluten Free Low Carb Pasta

We’ve been working on new in-house products that we think may interest you and this is the first of many.
Low Carb Pasta!

The Low Carb Pasta is a delicious gluten free, low carb, high protein pasta that comes with each serving individually packaged.

This pasta is soy free, gluten free, and not shirataki based.

The protein flour blend used for this extremely high protein pasta is pea protein isolate. Pea Protein Isolate has started appearing in lots of healthy foods recently because it is a higher quality alternative to soy – fewer allergen issues, no estrogen concerns, and vegan friendly.

Why we love it:
– individually wrapped portions for portion control
– very high protein content – 20grams
– extremely low carb – 3g net carbs
– low SmartDiet Count – 2
– gluten free (this is rare for low carb pasta)
– soy free (low carb pastas often use cheap soy)
– gorgeous packaging

Things we don’t love as much:
– high calorie count due to protein content (so depending on your goal / eating style this may not be a concern)
– small serving size of nearly 1/2 the size of others we carry – remember to compare products ounce for ounce – which results in calorie, carb, and diet counts that are ultimately significantly higher if consuming similar size total portions (2 inner packages instead of 1)
– high product price (2.5x) even compared to our other premium low carb pastas
– pasta comes in short pieces rather than long traditional pieces

All that being said, I think it is worth trying out. Our most popular pasta and the one we recommend the most is the ThinSlim Foods Impastable, but the Pasta has additional benefits such as being gluten free and similar in carbs, so if you want to add some variety to your pasta it is worth considering. (How’s that for an honest summary!)

Atkinsons Sugar Free Candy Now Available

Based on a suggestion from a customer (remember if you have any, let us know), the Atkinsons Sugar Free Candies are now available.

Atkinsons Sugar Free Hard Candies are a wonderfully sweet treat to satisfy your snack cravings with a unique blend of ingredients.

The Chick-O-Stick style is crunchy peanut butter and toasted coconut candy. It doesn’t just have peanut butter and coconut flavor, it contains actual fresh ground dry roasted peanuts and toasted coconut.

The Peanut Butter Bars contain dry roasted peanuts.

The Mint Twists are the classic mint twist candy, except they contain actual natural peppermint oil.

All style of Atkinsons Sugar Free Hard Candy are gluten free, vegan friendly, cholesterol free, contain zero trans fats and are OU Kosher.

KetOil Now Available

A new line of products designed to help those on a Ketogenic diet (extreme low carb, high fat), has become available.

Since many of you follow this type of diet, we decided to try some of them out, starting with the KetOil spread.


KetOil is a 50/50 blend of Grass-fed Organic Ghee and Organic Coconut Oil.

– Naturally nutritious cooking and baking blend with a higher smoke point
– Ideal for baking, sauteing, stir-frying, and more
– Adds a delicate, buttery flavor to your recipes
– Healthy saturated fatty acids for energy, cell protection and repair
– High in CLA, omega 3’s and MCTs (medium chain triglycerides)

Coconut oil, as a diet aid, is used to increase metabolism, aid in digestion, and promote good cholesterol.

However, the most beneficial effects of this fruity friend comes in increased health benefits when used to replace common household cooking oils. KetOil combines coconut oil and ghee to increase the number of possible cooking applications.

Ghee is the most potent, least allergenic and most nutritious source of animal fats. These two oils in combination result in an oil that has a higher smoke point and is great for sautéing, pan frying, baking and stir-frying.

New Flavors of Davinci Sugar Free Syrup

Your available options for Davinci Sugar Free Syrup have now expanded from just vanilla to also:

  • Sugar Free Chocolate
  • Sugar Free Hazelnut
  • Sugar Free Caramel
  • Sugar Free Sweetener Syrup

Davinci Sugar Free Syrup

Use these in coffee, tea, shakes, desserts, ice creams, sorbets and more.

Davinci Sugar Free Syrups are sweetened with Splenda Brand sucralose.

Thanksgiving Dinner Low Carb Style

There is no other day of the year that contains as many carbohydrates at one table as Thanksgiving Day does. For those living a low carb lifestyle, this can be detrimental to their normal diet. There are many ways to prevent overdoing the sugar and carb intake on Thanksgiving (many of which we discussed in last week’s blog), but willpower on this annual day isn’t always the strongest. In many cases, the best way to avoid massive carb consumption on this day is to make traditional Thanksgiving foods that are lower in carbs than the traditional versions. Read on for a list of low carb Thanksgiving Day recipe resources and additional tips for making your low carb Thanksgiving dinner a success. 

Turkey – Luckily for low carb dieters, Thanksgiving Day centers around a large turkey baked in the oven. Without extra seasonings, turkey is one of the safest low carb foods on Thanksgiving Day. 

Stuffing – There are many recipes available for low carb stuffing for Thanksgiving dinner, and these offer varied tastes. If you want a more traditional style of stuffing, but you want lower carbs, the best thing to do is to use your traditional recipe and substitute a few of the key ingredients for lower carb versions. Simply using low carb bread can lessen the amount of carbohydrates in each serving of stuffing.

Desserts – Desserts are one of the most pleasurable parts of Thanksgiving dinner each year, and there are many that are simply too high in carbohydrates to enjoy. You can either make a homemade low carb dessert, or you can purchase a pre-made low carb pie or other dessert to provide for your holiday dinner. 

Side Dishes – There are so many variations on traditional side dishes possible that it is feasible to create a wonderful-tasting low carb dish in the place of every one of your favorites. Using mashed cauliflower in the place of mashed potatoes is one great option, as well as making low carb varieties of other favorites such as green bean casserole and deviled eggs. 

Breads – We all know that bread is one of the biggest offenders of containing a high carb content, but at the same time rolls are a staple of Thanksgiving Day meals. By opting for low carb rolls, you will be able to indulge in the bread you love with your dinner, but you will be limiting your carb intake at the same time.  

Thanks for reading our blog! Visit us today at Linda’s Diet Delites to stock up on everything you need to keep your Thanksgiving Dinner low carb!  hanksgiving Day dessert choice! 

Dr.John’s SimplyXylitol 1lb bags now available!

Dr.John’s SimplyXylitol 1lb bags are now available! From Dr.John’s, “Sprinkle, pour, shake, or spoon, All Natural 100% USA-produced Xylitol to sweeten your cooking, baking, or just use it straight from the resealable bag. Same sweetness as sugar, with no aftertaste. Only 10 calories per tablespoon. Approx. 113 servings per pound. One common tablespoon meets the requirement per serving on the SimplyXylitol plan. ”

Dr.John's SimplyXylitol, 1lb
Dr.John's SimplyXylitol, 1lb

Anchor Bar Buffalo Wing Sauce: Naturally No Carb

One of the things you discover when you first begin a low carb diet is how many everyday foods are loaded with sugar and carbs. Ketchup — a condiment rarely thought of as “sweet” — is loaded with sugar. So is barbeque sauce. Both of these condiments can be hard to part with for low carb dieters.

Fortunately, there are still some tasty condiments that you can use on proteins that won’t add any carb count to your meals. Anchor Bar’s Bufdfalo Wing Sauce is one of them.

There’s nothing purposely “low carb” about Anchor Bar’s Buffalo Wing sauce — it just is, and always has been. It leverages a list of no-carb ingredients for that original buffalo wing taste, made with only Cayenne pepper, vinegar, salt, garlic, margarine and other secret ingredients. All blended together for a rich, smooth fully prepared sauce. No mixing, no mess, no guess work.

It really is a perfect alternative to barbeque sauce on all kinds of chicken dishes.

Julian Bakery’s Zero! Cookies Really Live Up To Their Name

zero cookiesFor anyone who loves sweets, snacks, and desserts, there’s a sobering reality that everything that tastes good seems to add far onto our bodies. That’s just the way food works.

The inventive folks at Julian Bakery have not gotten that memo, however, as evidenced with their new Zero! Cookies.When you think “zero,” the immediate assumption is that these are zero carb cookies. And you’d be right. But Julian doesn’t stop there — they take their Zero! Cookies to a whole new level of what “zero” actually can mean.

In addition to being sugar free, Zero! Cookies are also completely starch free, and made with only premium ingredients. The result is an amazing taste and texture — just like a real cookie — but without the real effects of eating one. These cookies are made fiber and sweeteners that are not at all metabolized by your body — it’s like you never even ate them!

Just to give you an idea of how amazing these cookies are, Zero Cookies have less digestible carbohydrate calories in a dozen large 2-ounce cookies than a cup of broccoli and more fiber in one cookie than in 3 cups of broccoli. In fact, there is less digestible sugar in an entire container (10 cookies) of Zero Cookies than in 1 side of an Oreo Cookie without the cream. Amazing!

Many times, low carb dieters are afraid to venture back into eat sweets, even if companies claim that their sweets are low carb. If you’re one of these dieters, then you can res assured that their new Zero! Cookies will not ruin the hard work you’ve put into your diet.

Thanks for reading our article! Did you know that Linda’s Diet Delites carries a wide range of Julian Bakery products, including Zero! Cookies? Take a look at all the low carb and zero carb products we have to offer.


New Sugar Free, Low Carb Candy Arrives

Sugar free and low carb candy can be hard to find at the local supermarket. Fortunately for you, we’re keeping on the leading edge of the best low carb and sugar free candies.

From the supermarket’s perspective, there isn’t much of a local market for sugar free candy — as most people prefer the sugary stuff. But when you add up all of the people in the U.S. who want or need sugar free candy, it adds up to millions of dieters, diabetics, and anti-sugar people. That’s where online stores like ours come in.

Since we play to the low carb and sugar free niche, we always keep our eyes out for new products that are really tasty, really high-quality, and really hard to find. Lately, we’ve found the following sugar free candy that I think you will love:

chocolate sugar free candiesAsher’s Chocolates Sugar Free Candy Bars

Chocolate is one of the best bets when it comes to sugar free candy. The rich, underlying bitterness of cocoa helps to counteract any lingering aftertaste, and works well with popular sugar alcohols. Asher’s Chocolates Sugar Free Candy Bars have taken the use of chocolate in sugar free candies to a new level. At just 1 gram of net carbs per serving, it’s amazing low carb and sugar free dessert for those craving chocolate.

Baskin Robbins Sugar Free Hard Candy

Baskin Robbins Sugar Free Hard Candy
Baskin Robbins Sugar Free Hard Candy

When you think of Baskin Robbins, you think ice cream, not candy. But in spite of the fact that hard candy is somewhat of a new foray for Baskin Robbins, they have been creating sugar free ice cream for a long time now, and have a pretty strong history of crafting tasty sugar free desserts. Their new Baskin Robbins Sugar Free Hard Candy really delivers on taste and carb count: From Baskin Robbins, “Creamy, smooth and delicious! Baskin Robbins Smooth and Creamy Sugar Free Hard Candy brings you the fun of your favorite ice cream treat. Made with real cream and sweetened with Splenda, these mouth watering hard candies are the best way to satisfy any ice cream cravings. Individually wrapped and available in a variety of your favorite Baskin Robbins ice cream flavors.”

Quest Nutrition All Natural Quest Bar
Quest Nutrition All Natural Quest Bar

Quest Nutrition All Natural Quest Bar

But if your idea of a great sugar free candy is something more earthy and less decadent, there are plenty of other choices out there as well. Even granola bars can have tons of refined sugar in them, in addition to the carbs that come with the use of grains, nuts, and dried fruits. But the Quest Nutrition All Natural Quest Bar offers some great, earthy taste with the nutritionals you’re looking for.

rom Quest Nutrition, “QuestBars are the perfect nutrition bar for anyone looking to get top quality protein while dropping some carbs from their diet. They’re as delicious and convenient as a candy bar, while maintaining all of the nutrition of a carefully prepared meal that’s packed with fiber to make you feel full and to help with digestion and weight loss.”

The All Natural Quest Bars are different from the standard quest bars in that all ingredients used are all natural and the sweeteners used are only erythritol, lohanguo, and stevia (no sucralose).

Best of all, each bar is only 3 grams of net carbs. You can’t beat that!

Be sure to take a look at our wide selection of sugar free candy on the Linda’s Diet Delites website. Thanks for reading!