Healthy Halloween Snack Ideas

When autumn rolls around, Halloween is just around the corner. With this holiday and the season not only comes a wide selection of pumpkin flavored foods and drinks, but there are many other types of treats readily available that are typically unhealthy. Parties may serve cookies or pies, you face a barrage of candy at your local supermarket, and just about every recipe for cute treats tends to appear unhealthy. If you want to get into the spirit of the season and the holiday, but don’t want to ruin your healthy diet in the process, take a peek at our selection of healthy spooky treats below, compiled from a variety of sources all across the Internet.

Fruit can be fun too! If you want to serve up some scarily cute snacks, but you want to stay on
your healthy eating plan for this Halloween, don’t overlook fruit. You can peel an orange and place a small piece of celery in the center to make it look like a pumpkin or you can make a ghost banana with little pieces of chocolate for the eyes and mouth (as shown in picture). For a simple treat that celebrates the holiday, you can cut shapes out of a tomato as you would a Jack-o-lantern, and then place shredded cheese or other fruits inside. For quick and easy healthy Halloween snacks, you can even use a marker to draw the eyes and mouth on the skin of an unpeeled orange or on a container of pre-packaged mandarin oranges.

Protein for Halloween! You may be surprised to find that even kids will enjoy eating their protein if it is presented to them in a fun way. Deviled eggs with olives strategically placed quickly become spiders that are fun (yet healthy) to eat. You can also make mini pizzas with flatbread or low carb biscuit mix, use string cheese to create a mummy look, and then dot eyes with pizza sauce or another condiment.

The ideas are endless! By thinking outside the candy package, you will see that there are many different ways to incorporate healthy foods into Halloween designs so you can create fun and healthy snacks that celebrate the season without ruining your diet! And don’t forget to check out Linda’s Diet Delites, where you will find a variety of mixes and toppings that can be used to help you create your healthy Halloween snacks! 

Most Fall Events Revolve Around Food – Low Carb Alternatives

As the holiday season approaches, it seems that every gathering or event revolves around food. The season of holidays begins with Halloween, which is creeping up quickly.

Although candy is known as one of the most common unhealthy food temptations, it is not the only one for this holiday. Restaurants (particularly fast food restaurants) capitalize on families being out late and offer a variety of affordable specials on this evening.

Unfortunately, almost none of these specials are on foods of the healthy variety, and are detrimental to those on a low carb or other diet.

Additionally, the offering of seasonal foods and drinks, such as pumpkin cheesecake, pumpkin spice latte, etc., can up the temptation ante. Read on for some ideas for family fun events that don’t have to involve food.

Fall Festivals

Although some fall festivals involve candy or other foods that could damage your low carb diet, many of them are more focused on games for children that offer toys as prizes instead of food. Some of these festivals will have a theme, which can help you decide which ones to attend or avoid.

For example, cider festivals are common during the fall in locations abundant with apples. These often feature apple ciders, apple pies, apple cider donuts, etc. – all of which can be tempting (and diet-ruining) to the low carb dieter.

Locating fall festivals that are centered around games or crafts is often the better choice.

Haunted Attractions

This time of year, haunted events are a great choice, with family options as well as adult-only venues. Most haunted attractions are safe for the low carb dieter, as food isn’t even offered at many haunted houses. If the haunted attraction you visit is in combination with another event or festival, there may be an abundant supply of sugar-filled candy or other foods.

School Events

Although some school events will also have a wide selection of high carb foods or candy, some schools will focus on healthy options. This may include offering books to children instead of candy, or other such options.

If your local school offers events such as these for the holiday season, it can be a great way to avoid the overwhelming availability of foods that will wreck your low carb diet.

Attend Events Prepared with Your Own Foods

If there is an event you don’t want to miss, but you don’t want to be tempted with high carb foods or sugar-filled candies, you don’t have to avoid it completely. Instead, you can have your meal before you attend, or even take food with you. If candy is the biggest offender, stock up on sugar-free candy to take with you so you can be prepared for the temptations.

Are you ready to stock up on great low carb, sugar-free candy and foods? Visit us at Linda’s Diet Delites for everything you need to ensure your Halloween is a healthy one!