Benefits of Liquid Raspberry Ketones Vs. Pill Form

Raspberry Ketones as a Dietary Supplement

Raspberry ketones are a great new dietary supplement that are beneficial in weight loss as well as many other health benefits, and without any reported side effects thus far. There are many different types of Raspberry Ketone dietary supplements available on the market, including those that contain green tea as an added dietary bonus. But what is the difference between raspberry ketones in liquid form and pill form?

Liquids are Easier for the Body to Absorb

Pills must be broken down by the body’s digestive system, which can sometimes interfere with the complete absorption of any type of pill, including raspberry ketone dietary supplements. By choosing liquid raspberry ketones, your body will be able to quickly and efficiently absorb the supplement.

No Swallowing Pills

If you hate swallowing pills or tablets, a liquid raspberry ketone supplement is definitely your best option. After all, what good is a supplement if you rarely take it because you hate having to swallow pills? Instead, you can simply take the liquid or even add it to a beverage for more convenience.

No Other Liquids Required

If you remember to take your dietary supplement (or are scheduled to do so) at a time when you are not at home or are otherwise on the go, the convenience of a liquid raspberry ketone dietary supplement cannot be beat. The lack of a need for additional liquid makes it simple to take your supplement the minute you need to, regardless of whether or not you have something to drink on hand.

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Rethink Your Diet for the Summer Months

When the summer months arrive, dietary needs often  change. Because there is more heat during the day, as well as the likelihood of being more active than during cold winter months, you will want to consider changing your intake of certain foods and drinks. In addition, the exposure to even more food during the summer can interfere with a healthier diet and lifestyle. Barbecues and parties, as well as weddings (with their fattening receptions) are all opportunities for exposure to food that doesn’t bode well for your body. Read on to learn a few tips for changing your diet to accommodate summer needs, as well as how to avoid those summertime diet pitfalls.

Better Hydration is a Requirement

Whether you eat low carb or not, better hydration is important during summer months. Consuming more water is always the obvious, and most talked-about, solution. However, if you don’t care for water, or you find yourself always coming up short of the recommended 8 glasses a day, you do have other options. By drinking less caffeine, which is dehydrating, you can allow your body to be more hydrated using the water you do consume. In addition, by adding in fresh berries and melons to your low carb or other diet, you will instantly increase your water intake. This is the best time of year to do so, since most fruits are in season and they feel light on the stomach.

Consume More Salads

If you like salads, mid-summer is definitely the best time to eat more. They are fresh and filling, and offer a variety of nutrients in a natural way. However, it is important to watch your dressing, including the amount and the type. Many salad dressings can be high in calorie count, carbs and an excess of a variety of negative contents. When possible, opt for a low carb salad dressing or low fat free salad dressing to accommodate your summertime salads. It is also a great idea to squirt lemon juice or another citrus flavor on the salad and use that as the only dressing on occasion.

Frozen Treats can be Tempting

When the weather heats up, it can be tempting to delve into an ice cold ice cream cone or a fruity snow cone. However, either of these are full of diet-ruining qualities. Instead, you can stock up on sugar free ice cream treats or healthy frozen snacks that will quench that craving for something cold without doing damage to your healthy lifestyle.

Hot Dogs and Hamburgers Damage any Low Carb Diet

In the past, this has been the case – either you skip the hot dog or hamburger altogether (which is not only difficult, but sometimes offensive to the barbecue host), or you eat it without the bun. Although it is possible to eat a hot dog or hamburger without the bun to achieve your low carb goals during the summer, it’s just not the same. Thankfully, low carb bun options have become more readily available for those summertime favorites, and now it’s possible to enjoy the same foods as others without ruining your carb count.

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Red Raspberry Ketones – A Healthy Weight Loss Supplement?

Are you searching for a supplement that can assist you in getting that beach body without resorting to diet pills? There are many different kinds out there, but many of them provide negative side effects, such as bowel issues, shaky hands, heart damage, and more. If you are looking for a healthy alternative that can boost your weight loss efforts, raspberry ketones may be a great option for you! If you haven’t heard of raspberry ketones for weight loss, or if you have heard of them but are hesitant to give them a try, read on:

According to The Dr. Oz Show, raspberry ketones are safe and all-natural, being comprised of the primary compound of red raspberries. Raspberry ketones work in a similar way as coffee bean extract or green tea – their natural compounds promote the increase of the metabolic rate within the body, ultimately helping you achieve your weight loss goals.

Additionally, red raspberries have been used for centuries as a natural remedy for many medical conditions. These including easing menstrual symptoms and some gastrointestinal conditions. There are no side effects associated with the use of raspberry ketones, whether they are taken as a natural remedy for one of the conditions listed or as a weight loss supplement. However, some studies have shown that raspberry ketones can act similarly to estrogen within the body, so if you have any medical conditions related to the hormone, such as breast cancer, it is best to consult with your physician before taking this type of supplement.

When deciding to take raspberry ketones as a weight loss supplement, you will likely run onto many different versions to choose from. Liquid raspberry ketones are one option that will offer a more immediate effect on the body than pills. However, some pills will include a combination of raspberry ketones and green tea – both of which are widely known for their weight loss assistance. The best way to determine the right one for you is to browse many different varieties and compare costs and your personal needs in order to find the best variety of raspberry ketones dietary supplements for you.

While raspberry ketones have shown promise as a weight loss supplement, they work best in conjunction with a healthy low carb, low sugar diet. To stock up on great low carb foods to achieve your weight loss goals quickly, visit us at Linda’s Diet Delites!  

Move Over Green Tea: Green Coffee Extract Now The Up-And-Coming Diet Supplement

Not to be mistaken for green tea, green coffee extract is being shown to significantly increase metabolic rates and help people lose weight — even without diet and exercise. Is this another fad diet, or something to really look into?

Just when you were feeling particularly green by drinking green tea as part of your diet regimen, now green coffee extract is making its way onto the diet scene.  And unlike green tea, this stuff is actually showing to be effective.

what is green coffee? no, its not some environmentally-friendly bean, or some ultra-exotic variety from the inaccessible mountains of Ecuador. Rather, it is simply an unroasted coffee bean. “Green coffee” is a term long used by coffee producers as the raw product, before it has been roasted and processed into the coffee that know, love, and are addicted to. You may not know it, but the process of making coffee is among the most complex and laborious in the entire agriculture industry. Coffee beans are actually found within a coffee plant’s berry. This means that the berries have to be picked, the bean needs to be removed from the fruit (the fruit, by the way, is also said to have nutritional benefits), dried, and then roasted to varying degrees. Only then does it become the coffee bean that we brew with.

The problem, however, is that the roasting process also takes away all of the benefits of coffee. This is why leading coffee research has suggested that the less roasted your coffee is, the more beneficial it can be to your heath. And this is precisely why green coffee is being found to produce health benefits: it remains all of the nutritional and medicinal qualities of the original “green” coffee bean.

Quoting a recent study conducted by the ACS, i09 states: “The study used doses of an extract of unroasted (green) coffee beans, with low doses of 700mg, and high ones of 1,050mg. The research was small in scope, just 16 obese people over the course of 22 weeks, all of whom acted as their own placebos, alternating between low-dose, high-dose, and an inactive supplement, each for a third of the time. With no changes to diet or exercise, at the end of the 22 weeks, the participants had lost an average of 17 lbs, dropping 16% of their body fat.”

What’s particularly interesting about this study is that the participants only took the green coffee extract 50% of the time — the other 50%, they took a placebo. This means that if the participants had taken the extract every day, their weight loss could have doubled. And if a dieter used green coffee with a diet plan, maybe even more?

Interestingly enough, it appears that green coffee extract basically works as a kind of natural sugar and carb blocker. The effects of the extract “are due to chlorogenic acid, which is thought to reduce the absorption of glucose and lessen hyperglycemic peak.” So, one can imagine how this newfangled diet supplement could actually work quite well with a low carb diet.