Access to Website

For some users access to certain pages is currently unavailable. If you are experiencing issues just wait a couple hours or until tomorrow. The unavailability is due to our host upgrade.

The previous slowness was due to our web host upgrading their servers. Now they are in the process of actually transferring the files that run the website over to the new servers. During this process some pages become unaccessible or ‘errors’ pop up.

We’re hoping it will be completed soon. Thanks for your patience.

Changes to Checkout

I’ve made some changes to the checkout recently and am interested to see how it goes and what everyone thinks. The most major change was the addition of a feature called “Checkout without account.” This tool allows those of you who don’t wish to create an account to still place an order.Of course this makes it difficult for you guys to track information and the next time you place an order you will have to re-enter all your info, but some still prefer it. 

Atkins Bars & Shakes Discount

Just in case you hadn’t noticed, make sure to check out the huge 30-40% off sale on the new Atkins Bars and Atkins Shakes. You can see all the Atkins items here: Atkins Bars & Atkins Shakes.All of the atkins items are very low in carbs, very low in sugar, and high in protein. Atkins has been around for years making great products, but they have recently updated their packaging and some of their recipes. 

Taste Insurance

I’m trying something a little new for those of you who have provided feedback requesting a way to try more items.I’ve added ‘taste insurance’ on the checkout page. After choosing this during checkout you will be able to try items and then if you don’t like them you can contact us for a refund. If you have any feedback on this just let me know.