Things have been pretty quiet at Linda’s lately because we are in the midst of some exciting new products becoming available and just haven’t had a chance to let everyone know.

We also expect to have a definitive update on the availability of the Peanut Butter Cup Patties this week. Keep your eyes peeled for the email updates.


The New Forum

I receive a lot of great comments, ideas, suggestions, recipes, and more via email and I realized much of it was locked away on my computer. So to share all these and to help connect our customers to one another I’ve created a new forum.  It might take a little while to build some content, but considering our passionate customer base it just might turn into something great.

So here is the location: www.lindasdietdelites.com/forum  – let me know what you think, really.


Special Alert: Peanut Butter Cup Invasion

Last night I sent a special alert to the Linda’s Food Lover’s email list about the new Peanut Butter cup Patties from chocolite. The details are included below:

In the last issue we mentioned the company that created the incredible products Chocolite was developing a potential peanut butter cup product.
The packaging still isn’t completed, so the product isn’t available.

But don’t fret, Linda’s has managed to get a hold of an entire case of the new product. Yes, seriously. And let’s just say this stuff is good, possibly so good it should be illegal.

Since we have the product, but no packaging, we have decided the best thing to do is just give it away. More specifically, give it to YOU! Any orders placed will receive a free sample until we run out, first come first serve.

Unfortunately we have to limit it to orders over $30 because we don’t want to spend all day taping up little itty bitty boxes especially with this spring weather approaching.

For our retail customers, we will have samples available this weekend so make sure to pop in.

(You’ll have to excuse the terrible pictures I was so excited about this product that I couldn’t wait till the weekend so I took some pictures with my cameraphone….at 3:56AM. Oh what I do for the love of peanut butter and chocolate.)

Ahem, back to the news, that’s right, you get to try a product before your friends, before it’s for sale, before even the mighty Hungry Girl finds it.

Where’s the link?!!! Where’s the link?!!! It’s here: YUMYUM.

If you love peanut butter cups(and who doesn’t) then you better not pass up a chance to try these.

A normal peanut butter cup is 260 calories, 15g fat, 29g carbs(25 of that is sugar), and 6g protein.


These totally amazing new peanut butter cup patties are only:
40 calories
3g fat
7g carbs
6g fiber
1g of sugar alcohol
1g protein

Yes, you are reading that correctly. Only 1 point for two of these bad boys, and 0(count ’em) 0 net carbs.

As an added benefit, they haven’t used maltitol this time around so the sugar alcohol is much lower than almost all their other products.