Get Happy the Natural Way – Mood Boosting Foods

How Happy Foods Work

There are many different types of foods that can help boost your mood. Some of these foods are  shown to help fight depression, while others offer a more instantaneous effect of happiness. Omega-3 fatty acids and foods containing them (such as salmon) are thought to offer long-term happiness benefits, but some other foods actually boost the serotonin levels in the brain (that feel-good chemical that comes after exercise – and yes, eating chocolate). These foods are typically ones that contain tryptophan, which the body then converts to serotonin in the brain.

The Effect of Foods on Serotonin Levels

There are many types of foods that are known to increase serotonin levels which results in a quick mood boost, and many of these allow you to stick to your low carb or other diet without interference. Such foods include eggs, cheese, and a variety of other dairy products. Sesame seeds and brown rice are also foods that could be called happy foods, as they create that natural mood boost you are seeking. Flaxseed (you can buy the seeds, products that contain these ingredients such as flax seed crackers, or you can use flax seed oil) is often referred to as the “happy seed” because it contains the omega-3 fatty acids thought to fend off depression, along with the tryptophan that helps raise serotonin levels. Bananas are also thought to boost mood levels along with providing other long-term benefits.

Sticking to Your Diet When Eating Happy Foods

In most cases, foods that boost the mood are also healthy foods and will allow you to stick to your low carb or other healthy diet. In some cases, however, you may end up ingesting just a few more carbs than normal or sacrificing those carbs later in the day to get that natural mood boost when you need it. Since there are many different types of mood-boosting foods, you should be able to incorporate a variety of kinds so you achieve the overall increase in happiness without ruining your diet.

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Maintain Your Gluten Free Diet in Every Situation

Did you know that it is estimated that 3 million people in America are living with Celiac disease? In addition to that number, there are many more that suffer from some type of a sensitivity to gluten. Although the numbers are high, there are still so many people and organizations that are unaware of the need for accommodations for these gastrointestinal difficulties. Because of this, sufferers of gluten sensitivity or Celiac disease may find themselves in difficult situations. Read on to learn a few ways to combat such issues.

Staying in Someone Else’s Home

Under normal circumstances, it would be considered rude to stay as a guest in someone’s home and not eat their food. However, if you suffer from Celiac disease or a gluten sensitivity, it may be necessary. If you believe that your host would be offended by your bringing additional food into their home, it may be a good idea to explain your medical condition in advance and that gluten free foods are necessary to your health. They may offer to supply options of these foods for you, and at the very least they will understand why you brought your own foods (and it wasn’t simply that you didn’t like the food they were offering).

School Lunches

If you have a child with a gluten sensitivity of some sort, you may opt for purchasing your own gluten free foods to pack for a lunch every day. However, in most schools if you advise the lunch coordinator of your child’s medical conditions and requirements, the school will accommodate those needs. Most schools will try to keep these foods as similar to the other children’s as possible, whether they serve gluten-free pasta or some other type of similar food. If your child would feel like they stand out when being served something slightly different than everyone else, sending a lunch from home may be the best way to go.

Gatherings or Dinner Parties

If you are attending a gathering or a dinner party where you have no control over the food options, you can still attend the event without feeling uncomfortable. You can inform the host of your sensitivities to gluten, and offer to bring a gluten-free food as a side. If you aren’t close enough to the host that you feel comfortable doing this, another option is to fill up on a meal at home and just nibble at the gathering. Sharing one plate with a friend or date will make it less obvious that you are leaving food behind, without you having to eat foods that might disrupt your gastrointestinal balance.

There are many other situations you may find yourself in that require you to either divulge your private health information or provide your own gluten-free foods. Use the tips above to help manage your gluten-free living without interfering with activities and situations involving food.

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Dieting and Cost – Is it Really More Expensive?

So, you have likely heard it before (or you may have spoken the words yourself): “Healthier foods are more expensive, so I can’t stick with a low carb or other healthy diet.” And if you have ever perused the menu at a fast food restaurant, it is easy to see that this is a true statement for this type of purchase – sure, McDonald’s offers a salad instead of a cheeseburger, but it does so at a much higher cost. Considering that most people have been tightening their belts (figuratively, not necessarily literally) in recent times due to economic downturn, this mentality of healthier foods costing more keeps them from sticking to their low carb or other diets. According to MSNBC’s Today Health, many Americans do not eat healthfully the majority of the time, and one of the most decisive factors is the cost, whether perceived or real. But, is it really true that eating on a low carb or other healthy diet costs more than eating foods that are worse for your health?

Eliminate the Fast Food Consideration

Yes, it is absolutely true that if you opt for the “healthy” options at a fast food restaurant, you will pay more than you will for their less healthy options. However, the food at any fast food location is not truly healthy, and simply purchasing your foods fresh at a supermarket will cost less than their typical unhealthy meal. By eliminating fast food purchases altogether, you will accomplish many goals – you won’t be tempted by the lower-priced foods that are bad for you, you will be able to spend that same amount of money on healthy low carb or sugar free foods from a grocery store, and you will be getting much healthier options.

Consider the Real Cost

In grocery stores all across the country, lower fat milk is cheaper than higher fat milk. For those who decide on purchases based on their budget for the week, buying lower fat milk will save money and it’s more healthy at the same time. When it comes to things such as pasta, whole wheat pasta is often similar in price as the traditional counterparts. Even when it does cost more, the healthier options often fill you up faster, requiring that you eat less – this makes the purchase last longer resulting in a lower overall cost. This makes it easier to stick with a low carb or other healthy diet.

Consider the Cost Down the Road

Although it may seem like low carb or other healthier options cost more upfront, consider it an investment. Just as you invest in your retirement so that you can live a life without struggle once you retire from work, spending a little more on healthier low carb or sugar free foods works the same way. You are investing in your health, which means less expense later in life for medical care and medications. By opting to spend a little more on each food purchase, you can be potentially eliminating the expenses it could cost in the future due to a lifelong commitment to less expensive bad-for-you foods.

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