“At Least the Turkey is Low Carb…”– Tips for Low Carb Thanksgiving

As Thanksgiving approaches, the planning of meals begins in full force. For those of us on a low carb diet, however, this day can be something we come to dread every year. The temptation of stuffing, potatoes, and many other types of traditional foods can be hard to resist, even for the strongest-willed low carb dieter. Read on to learn a few tips for enjoying Thanksgiving dinner and still sticking to your low carb lifestyle.  

Low carb variations are possible – There are many websites and books devoted to holiday dinners with a healthier makeover, and many of these focus on low sugar and low carb Thanksgiving meals. By finding a source with recipes for your favorite Thanksgiving dishes in low carb form, you can celebrate the holiday without ruining your diet. 

Host Dinner – If your family gathering involves many family members all coming together in one place, offering to host the dinner can be a great way to gain control of more of the foods. In many situations, offering to host will be a welcome gesture to family members who would prefer to not prepare their home for the big event. By having the dinner at your location, it often means you get to take control of the food list and make as many types of foods as you want. Then, you can make whatever dishes you opt to provide using one of the low carb recipes available online or in recipe books.

Offer to make your favorites – Most people have at least a few Thanksgiving foods that they absolutely love and simply cannot resist. When you show up to a dinner and someone else has made this food, you will have no idea of the carb count, but you still may not be able to resist eating it. By offering to make the foods you know you will be tempted to eat, you can make a lower carb version that you can indulge in without feeling guilty. 

Take your own version – If you offer to bring one of your favorite dishes to dinner, but someone else has already staked claim to making it, there is nothing wrong with bringing your own low carb version of turkey dressing or a low carb pumpkin pie. Thanksgiving dinner is a gathering focused on food, and the more the merrier in most cases. Plus, you may pleasantly surprise others that are having a hard time sticking to their low carb diet on Thanksgiving by providing the dish.

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Consider Supplementing Low Carb Diet for Optimal Health

When you first begin a strict low carb diet, you may find some side effects that are negative as a result of limiting certain types of foods. You can easily combat these side effects, however, by taking dietary supplements that will make up for any lost nutrients. Read on to learn the most commonly needed supplements to consider if you begin a long-term low carb diet. 
Top Dietary Supplements for Low-Carb DietersPotassium – One nutrient low-carb; diets may not provide fully is potassium. Taking a potassium dietary supplement is a great idea for any low carb dieter.

Calcium – Although some calcium can be achieved through certain allowed dairy products, such as cheese, a lot of the foods allowed on a low carb diet don’t contain enough calcium. Taking a calcium supplement daily can prevent issues associated with a lack of calcium in the body.

Magnesium – A lot of leafy green vegetables that aren’t typically a part of a low carb diet offer necessary magnesium. Many low carb dieters opt for a dietary supplement that contains magnesium to combat a lack of this important mineral.

Vitamins C & D – Typically, the foods that contain vitamin C and  D also contain a lot of carbohydrates, so they may not be a part of the daily low carb diet. Taking a supplement that contains these vitamins can help prevent issues associated with a diet lacking in them.

A Multi-Vitamin is Always a Great Choice

It is often easier to obtain necessary intake of all vitamins and minerals by finding a multi-vitamin that provides you with the majority of necessary daily nutrients. You can also opt for diet foods that contain additional vitamins, such as Vitalicious Vita Tops. This is true whether you are on a low carb diet or any other restricted diet.

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