Yes to Cookies Product Changes

Yes to Cookies has made some fantastic changes to their cookies recently.

The most important adjustment is they have changed their sweeteners to include all natural luo han guo. As a result of including this sweetener, they have been able to bring the claories down from 60 calories per cookie to 48 calories per cookie. Even better, the total impact carbs are now 0g instead of 2-3g. Creating cookies with these nutritionals is quite a feat, especially considering the cookies are also gluten free.

For those of you dieters who like a frosted sugar cookie around the holidays, the Yes to Cookies now come with frosting. This both adds to the look and taste of the cookies.

Finally, Yes to Cookies now comes in the flavor Old Fashioned Ginger Spice.

es To Cookies Sugar Free Gluten Free Cookies 10-pack tub
es To Cookies Sugar Free Gluten Free Cookies 10-pack tub

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Big Train Low Carb Hot Chocolate 2lb Tub now available

The Big Train Low Carb Hot Chocolate 2lb Tub is now available to compliment the 5 pack boxes. This rich hot chocolate mix is low in carbs (only4g), has no sugar added, and is great for those of you looking for a more economical option.

Big Train Hot Chocolate Mix 2lb Tub
Big Train Hot Chocolate Mix 2lb Tub

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Sugar Free Chocolate Give Chocoholics Hope On a Low Carb Diet

There’s something about chocolate that makes it hard for low carb dieters to give up.

Whether it’s the savory, bittersweet taste or the rich, indulgent texture, chocolate is more than just something sweet to eat — it’s a symphony of decadent bliss that no other dessert seems to match. It’s no wonder that some people’s vice in life is chocolate.

That being said, spiraling downward into a choco bender every week or two is not a birthright for the hopeless chocoholic, particularly if you’re carb intolerant and trying to lose weight. Even if you trade off white chocolate or milk chocolate for 80% cacao dark chocolate, the sugar and carb levels in even the most cocoa-heavy chocolate levels will not jive with a low carb diet. For the chocoholic, it’s enough to make them lose faith in the low carb lifestyle.

Luckily, sugar free chocolate now gives chocoholics , low carb dieters, and diabetics alike the opportunity to indulge in a chocolate bar or two without spiking their blood sugar levels and crossing over their critical carbohydrate level. There are now several sugar free chocolate bars on the market that will give you the indulgent experience of chocolate without the sugar.

Why Sugar Free Chocolate Works

The reason why sugar free chocolate is so “passable” for the low carb dieter is because chocolate is more than just the taste of sugar. With cotton candy, lollipops, and taffy, if you take away the sugar, you have nothing; the actual composition of those candies is predicated on sugar. Chocoloate, on the other hand, is a sum of its parts — and sugar is only one part. In addition, you also have the cocoa, as well as the cocoa butter. Combined with milk, toying with these variables allows for such a wide array of chocolates: white chocolate leaves out the cocoa and only contains cocoa butter, dark chocolate is heavy on cocoa and lighter on sugar, etc.

sugar free chocolate
Chocoperfection Low Carb Chocolate Bars

Because of this, sugar free chocolate can utilize artificial sweeteners effectively by masking the aftertaste with the rich, savory bitterness of cocoa and the buttery flavor and texture of cocoa butter.

Take Chocoperfection’s Low Carb Chocolate Bars, for example. The ingredient list reads much like any other fine European chocolatier: “Dry Cocoa Solids 60%, Oligofructose, Erythritol, Cocoa Butter, Soy Lecithin, Natural Flavors.” With the exception of the Erythritol — the artificial sweetener — this list of ingredients for their dark chocolate variety has the same kind of ingredients as Lindt’s own dark chocolate truffles. And because of the high 60% cocoa levels, any aftertaste from the Erythritol is negated.

sugar free chocolate
CarbRite SugarFree Chocolate Bar

But if you’re looking for sugar free chocolate that barely touches your blood sugar levels, CarbRite’s SugarFree Chocolate Bar might be the best choice. With only one net gram of carbs, it is one of the lowest sugar free chocolate bars on the market that still maintains its great taste. CarbRite’s formula for creating a sugar free chocolate bar is bit different from Chocoperfection — they use a combination of maltitol and sugar alcohols, both of which yield a surpprisingly natural sweetness to their chocolate bars.

When You Should Add Sugar Free Chocolate Back Into Your Low Carb Diet

If you had begun your low carb diet under Dr. Atkins’ tutelage back in the late 1960s, his answer would be a flat no, followed by an explanation of how boundless servings of steak, lobster, and cheese can satisfy even the most desperate sweet tooth. Unfortunately for the good Doctor, he didn’t live long enough to see the emergence of low carb foods, particularly sugar free chocolate like the ones mentioned above.

But just because sugar free chocolates exist on the market doesn’t mean that you should start off your low carb diet with a bar or two each day. As with all low carb diet plans, your first induction week should be as low on the carb counts as possible — and no sweets, real or artificial. The idea behind this is to begin to purge yourself of the insulin dependence and psychological addiction that comes with sweets.

However, if you’ve been chugging along on your low carb diet for some time now and feel comfortable with the notion of adding a low carb sweet into your weekly regimen, then sugar free chocolate is a wonderful option.

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The Fat Farce: Low Carb Dieting & The Myth About Eating Fat

News Flash: the fat you eat on a low carb diet doesn’t end up on your thighs.

Of all the diet foods you’ll find in your local supermarket, none is more popular than the “low fat” variety. From soups and snacks to decadent desserts, nearly every food staple has a high profile, low fat variant. Shoppers in search of a quick and seemingly easy entrance in to the world of dieting figure that the most obvious approach is to simply change out all of their usual food products with low fat varieties. After all, fat is what we’re all looking to burn, so removing it from our diets would be the most obvious approach.

Of course, nothing could be farther from the truth.

Since the dawn on the low carb diet in the 1960s, dieters have been consuming hefty amounts of dietary fat along with protein while restricting their carbs — and dropping fat and pounds by the cartload!

The fact of the matter is, the idea that the fat we eat in our diet becomes the same substance that leads to love handles, spare tires, and flabby thighs is a scientific misnomer, trotted out by countless diet-guru charlatans and carpet baggers. Even recognized institutions, such as the AMA and the U.S. Surgeon General’s Office have spread the misinformation about dietary fat. For decades, the low fat farce has been ingrained into the U.S. mainstream, so that a majority of Americans believe that the fat on their bacon strips gets eaten and becomes the stuff that makes our bodies jiggle.

How Carbs and Sugar Become Body Fat

If you’ve ever had the unfortunate experience of flipping through the cable channels and witnessing someone getting their fanny liposuctioned on reality T.V., then you know that, even by mere sight, there’s a big difference between dietary fat and body fat. It is true that the body stores fat in a way of stockpiling reserve nutrition and energy. But body fat is not created by eating dietary fat — it is manufactured by converting carbohydrates and sugar into body fat.

In this way, a dieter can go to the grocery store, stock up on every low fat product on the market today, and still gain weight. This is because any carbohydrates that you eat over your own personal Critical Carbohydrate Level — or CCL — is not purged by your body, but rather is retained as dietary fat. This is metabolism 101.

Of course, if you restrict your calories in a day to 1200 or less and exercise like a fiend, you can eat as many grams of carbohydrates as you want. The problem is, millions of Americans have found that the hunger and convenience associated with low calorie diets and daily exercising just doesn’t fit their lifestyle. Simply put, Americans want to eat more and exercise less while still losing losing weight.

That’s why the low carb diet is a perfect option.

Why Low Carb is Healthy and Low Fat is Dangerous








As Dr. Atkins outlined in his groundbreaking Diet Revolution, we humans aren’t built to eat copious amounts of sugar and carbohydrates. While we are indeed omnivores, our diet is meant to be comprised mainly of protein and fat, with carbs, sugars, and starches being added in sparingly. This comes as a surprise to many Americans, especially considering that we all learned about the food pyramid in school — the carbs and starches at the bottom of the pyramid were the most abundant, and low carb staples, such as proteins, meats, cheese, oil, anf at, are all meant to be eaten in small quantities.

The low carb diet basically turns the food pyramid on its head.

On the other hand, restricting dietary fat has been shown to be a dangerous game in the world of dieting. The fact, our bodies need dietary fat in order to create the good kind of cholesterol that keeps our cardio system functioning properly. A lack of fat in our diet has actually been proven to raise bad cholesterol levels in many people, all while doing absolutely nothing to help lose weight.

Low carb diets can be tough for people to sign on to, given the fact that the science behind low carb dieting flies in the face of what the mainstream medical community has told us for years. But when you consider the fact that nearly two-thirds of the American population is currently overweight, one has to start questioning the validity of the traditional food pyramid and the myths about fat, meat, and carbohydrates.

low carb store

Thanks for reading our article! Did you know that there are many great-tasting low carb food products on the market today that can make sticking to your low carb diet a breeze? Linda’s Diet Delites is a leading online supplier of low carb food products, offering a wide selection at affordable prices. Take a look!

Michael Nace is a low carb blogger for Linda’s Diet Delites.

The Top 3 Reasons Why Low Carb Diets Fail & Why They Shouldn’t

It isn’t even a question — no diet plan helps people lose weight faster and easier than the low carb variety. But even with a wide range of low carb food on the market, people still revert back to their carby lifestyle. Here are the top three low carb pitfalls — and how to avoid them!

Anyone who has ever committed themselves to a low carb lifestyle knows that cutting down daily carbs helps drop weight quickly and easily. It is virtually the only diet in the world that can help you lose weight without starving. On top of that, the metabolic state induced by a low carb diet — known commonly by dieters as ketosis — does more than just release “water weight.” With a low carb diet, you are always burning body fat, which not only helps you lose poundage, but also inches.

Given all of the benefits of a low carb diet, why do so many people revert back to their old ways of eating, thus regaining the weight?

Here are three top reasons why low carb diets fail, and what you can do to avoid them:

Reason #1: Holidays and Birthdays

High carbohydrate foods have become not just a mainstay in American cuisine, but also are a cultural phenomenon as well. This is especially true when it comes to celebrating with food in the U.S.: pumpkin and apple pie, bread stuffing, mashed potatoes, breads, cookies, and other sweets are all seen as crucial to the holiday season beginning with Thanksgiving and ending on New Year’s Day. The same is true with birthdays: many of us imagine a birthday bash with a birthday cake to be a downright depressing thought.

Because of this, even the most committed low carb dieters plan on taking vacations from their low carb lifestyle around birthdays and the holidays.

If you’re someone who cannot imagine a Thanksgiving turkey stuffed with bread stuffing or a birthday devoid of a decadent dessert, then plan ahead by mapping out some alternatives using low carb food products and some innovative recipes. There are plenty of low carb bread products that can take the place of your standard loaf, and low carb, sugar free cheesecakes work wonders as an alternative to the traditional birthday cake. If you feel you must have high carb goodies represented at your favorite celebrations, make sure they are made with low carb food.

low carb bread
Julian Bakery’s “Manna from Heaven” Low Carb Bread is a Low Carb Diet-saver!

Reason #2: Lunch

The weak spot in a low carb diet is lunchtime. Whereas eggs and breakfast meats are easy and obvious choices for the first meal of the day, and low carb dinners are essentially very similar to traditional American meals sans the potatoes, rice, or pasta, lunch is the hardest meal for Americans to imagine without eating carbs. Sandwiches dominate the American lunch, and many people feel uninspired by the prospect of eating a burger or sandwich without the bun or bread.

Again, low carb bread can do wonders for those of us who struggle with a low carb lunch. While not recommended for the first phases of a low carb diet, most low carb bread products are low enough in net carbs that the seasoned low carb dieter can handle a slice or two at lunch. Rather than having those low carb bread slices with breakfast, making them work for a low carb sandwich at lunch can be the difference in the long-term success of your diet.

Reason #3: Refined Sugar & Carbohydrates Are An Addictive “Drug”

Back in the 1960s when Dr. Atkins began his low carb Diet Revolution, he identified the fact that refined sugar and high carbohydrate foods have an addictive quality that is very similar to the addictions that drug abusers struggle with. He pointed out the fact that the process of refining sugar is almost identical to the process of refining cocaine, and that as we eat more and more carbs, we crave them more and more exponentially. This is because carbohydrates tax our blood sugar to the point that our body wants us to keep throwing sugar “on the fire” to keep our energy levels up, thus leading to alarming weight gain.

This is why Atkins advocated for warning labels on sugary foods and implored low carb dieters to not fall off the low carb wagon.

low carb food

Invariably, however, low carb dieters do fall off the wagon, and usually it is a result of sweets. The reintroduction of sweets leads to a slippery slope of more and more carbohydrates that gets people right back to bad eating habits.

If you have a penchant for craving sweets — even after months of “sugar detox” — then it’s time to connect with some low carb food products that can really satisfy your sweet tooth. There are so many low carb desserts on the market today that you’re bound to find something that will work with you. As we’ve reviewed in another article, the Atkins Advantage bars are legitimately sweet with very little aftertaste and ultra-low net carbs — perfect for an after dinner dessert!

Of course, the best way to avoid these low carb dieting pitfalls is to simply know they exist and take the necessary steps to avoid falling into them. You’ve taken your first steps toward a low carb lifestyle — don’t let yourself get derailed by the “cheap thrills” of fattening carbs and sugar!

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