Udi’s Gluten Free Hamburger Buns available

Udi’s Gluten Free Hamburger Buns are now available! 4 light and airy gluten free hamburger buns reminiscent of a classic Pepperidge Farms hamburger bun complete with floured bottom.

From Udi’s, “Grilling in the backyard has never tasted so good – and it’s gluten free! Our soft, golden buns accompany your much-loved ingredients, be it a classic burger or a savory deli sandwich.”

Udi's Gluten Free Foods Hamburger Buns
Udi's Gluten Free Foods Hamburger Buns

Walden Farms Pasta Sauce Changes

Walden Farms has made some exciting new changes to their calorie free Pasta Sauces.

1. New Packaging! The old tall skinny jars are out and short wide jars are in(just like their mayo and pb.)

2. New recipes! The Marinara and the Scampi recipes have been reformulated for even better taste.

3. New names! The Marinara is now called Tomato & Basil. The scampi is now called Garlic & Herb.

The Lowdown on Celiac Disease and Gluten Free Diets

Take a stroll through your local supermarket, and you’ll notice a ton of new gluten free foods. Find out what a gluten free diet is all about, and whether eating gluten free might be a good dietary decision for you and your family.

What is Gluten?

Gluten is a type of protein that is commonly found in most types of grain, in particular wheat, rye and barley.  Because gluten is found in most cereal grains then foods such as breads, cakes, breakfast cereals and many types of processed food where gluten is as a thickener need to be avoided by those who are sensitive to gluten.  Gluten can also pop up in other unexpected places such as medicines, cosmetics, lip-balm, and vitamin tablets where it’s used as a binding or bulking agent.

Why go Gluten-free?

Sufferers of the digestive disorder Celiac disease need to undertake a gluten free diet as gluten can cause severe damage to the small intestine.  This damage prevents the body from absorbing the vital nutrients, vitamins and minerals needed from food, without these nutrients the body becomes prone to illness and fatigue.

Symptoms of Celiac disease include diarrhea, abdominal pains, weight loss, general weakness and even malnutrition. Those with Celiac disease are also more likely to suffer malabsorption problems with internal organs such as the liver and gall bladder, as well as osteoporosis, infertility, anemia, tooth enamel loss and internal bleeding. Untreated Celiac disease can be life threatening.

Who is Affected by Celiac Disease?

It’s thought that almost 1 in 133 Americans suffer from Celiac disease, although 97% of sufferers are unaware they have the disease.  Celiac is a hereditary disease that usually presents itself in early infancy.  However more and more adults are being diagnosed with Celiac disease, in particular people between the ages of 30 and 45.

It is prudent to get yourself checked out by your doctor if you think you have a wheat intolerance, as many people have been found to have undetected Celiac disease this way. A simple blood test can detect whether a patient is likely to have Celiac disease with a follow up biopsy of the small intestine taken. Celiac Disease affects both men and women equally and you are more likely to have it if a close member of your family is affected by it.

Studies show that those of Northern European descent are more likely to have Celiac disease, along with those from parts of India, Pakistan, North Africa and the Middle East.

How to Treat Celiac Disease

As yet there is no known cure for Celiac disease. The only way to manage it is to eat a gluten free diet.

Other Reasons to be Gluten Free

Many people now believe that gluten free diets for children can be beneficial for those on the Autism spectrum. While no clinical trials have taken place to confirm or deny this there is a definite growing trend for a gluten free diet to treat a number of ailments. From Parkinson’s disease to diabetes, multiple sclerosis to arthritis, research is showing that an improved digestive system leads to better overall health and sufferers of these, and many other diseases, are showing less symptoms and faster recovery times.

Gluten-free for Weight Loss

A gluten free diet will be low in net carbs and low GI.  It will also, by default, be high in protein which in turn makes it a very good diet plan for losing weight, providing that you’re not trading in your gluten for high sugar content food instead.

Gluten-free Alternatives

Thankfully there are lots of gluten free alternatives on the market, including chips, bagels, cookies, brownies, breads, cereals and pizza crusts.  We at Linda’s Diet Delights are online leaders in the Gluten-free market and stock a large range of gluten-free foods.

Thanks for reading our article! Did you know that there are many great-tasting gluten free food products on the market today that can make sticking to your gluten free diet a breeze? Linda’s Diet Delites is a leading online supplier of low carb food products, offering a wide selection at affordable prices. Take a look!

Michael Nace is a low carb blogger for Linda’s Diet Delites. He is not a Doctor, and his article does not represent the view and opinions of Linda’s Diet Delites, nor are his articles meant to be construed as medical advice.

Low Carb Diet 101: What You Need To Know About Atkins, Net Carbs & GI

Both Low Carb and Low GI (glycemic index) diets have taken the world by storm.  Both have been proven to be highly efficient at reducing weight and improving health, and both concentrate of how much glucose the body produces. Whilst both diets centre around restricting carbohydrate intake there are some significant differences between the two.

Low Carb Diet

The Low Carb diet was pioneered by US Cardiologist Dr. Robert C. Atkins in 1972 and uses a process called ketosis to burn fat as fuel instead of glucose.  To achieve this, the overall intake of carbohydrate, which the body turns into glucose, needs to be severely restricted.  The initial stage of the New Atkins diet only allows for 20g of net carbs per day (an average slice of white bread contains 15g of net carbs). Along with all grain based carbohydrates, many vegetables are also banned for the initial stages of the diet as they contain high levels of starch. The bulk of the diet is made up from protein in the form of meat, fish and eggs, low carbohydrate vegetables such as salad vegetables, fruit, and dairy.

A low carb diet is very good for rapid weight reduction and is ideal for people who are very overweight. Because of its quick results, it’s considered a good diet plan for motivation as people can see the effects of the Low Carb plan rapidly while not struggling with hunger. The Low Carb diet is often used to treat ailments such as diabetes, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, and even extreme epilepsy.

Some of the proven positive effects of a low carb diet are:

  • Weight loss
  • Reduced blood glucose for diabetics
  • Increased HDL (good) cholesterol
  • Improved insulin sensitivity
  • Lowered blood pressure
  • Lower blood insulin level
  • Increased energy
  • Sugar cravings reduced
  • Improved concentration
  • Less mood swings
Low GI Diet
Low GI diets such as the South Beach diet and Zone diet concentrate on the Glycemic Index, which rates all foods on its index with a number between 1 and 100 with foods numbered 55 or less as low GI, 56-69 as medium GI, and above 70 as high GI.  Food are categorized as low, medium or high GI by looking at a number of elements.
1.  Does a food contain carbohydrates?
Any foods that don’t contain carbohydrates such as meat, fish, eggs, dairy and fats have zero effect on the body’s ability to product glucose so are considered low GI.
2.  How much starch does a food contain?
Raw foods that contain starch are usually in a compact form that the body will be unable to break down easily, so they are therefore low GI. However, starchy foods such as grains that have been processed have had this compact form altered so that the body can more easily digest them and turn into glucose.
3. How much fiber does a food contain?
The more fiber a food contains, the slower the body can break it down and turn it into glucose.  Therefore most grains and beans are either low or medium GI.
4.  What kind of sugar does a food contain?
Along with glucose, there are another 3 types of sugar.  Fructose found in fruit, and lactose found in dairy are both slow to break down and convert into glucose so are low GI.  Sucrose has a medium GI.
5.  Does the food contain fat?
Fat does not effect glucose, but it does slow down the speed of food in your system so therefore has an overall slowing effect in the production of glucose in your body.
6.  How acidic is a food?
Acidity also slows a food down through the digestive tract, thus helping to slow the rate at which it is converted to glucose.
The basis of a low GI diet is to ensure that you eat only foods that have low or medium GI ratings and that you avoid high GI foods.  Although, if you do eat high GI foods they should be small portions and be eaten alongside low GI foods that will decrease the overall GI rating of the meal.
Benefits of a low GI diet include:
  • Appetite control
  • Lowered risk of diabetes type 2
  • Better physical endurance
  • Lowered risk of heart disease
  • Increase of body’s sensitivity to insulin
  • Weight loss & maintenance of healthy body weight
  • Doesn’t ban any foods
  • High in fiber
  • Lowers blood lipids
  • Lessen fatigues and enhances moods
As you can see, both diet plans have many similarities, and both have been proven to be exceptional aids for weight loss. Both plans are to be treated as lifestyle changes rather than short fix diets and the long term effects of reducing your overall processed, starchy carbohydrates has proven healthy benefits that more and more people are realizing.

Chatila’s Bakery Sugar Free Macaroons now available

Chatila’s Bakery Sugar Free Macaroons are now available. From Chatila’s, “Cloud 9 Macaroons – so light and fluffy! Made with raw coconut, never processed, our macaroons are unbelievable! Both sugar-free and gluten free! These cookies are a great addition to any eating plan. Cookies can be frozen for 6 months.”

Chatila's Bakery Cloud 9 Sugar Free Coconut Macaroons
Chatila's Bakery Cloud 9 Sugar Free Coconut Macaroons

Be sure to check out our wide selection of low carb cookies and sugar free cookies on our website.