Walden Farms Miracle Mayo Flavors Now Available

Walden Farms has given Linda’s Diet Delites the privelage of being one of the very first stores to offer customers all the new flavors of Miracle Mayo. No longer limited to plain old mayo, you can now also choose from Ranch Mayo, Pomegranate Mayo, Chipotle Mayo, and Honey Mustard Mayo. All mayo flavors are still zero calories, zero fat, zero carbs, and zero sugar.

Walden Farms Mayo Ranch
Walden Farms Mayo Ranch

Walden Farms Pasta Sauce Changes

Walden Farms has made some exciting new changes to their calorie free Pasta Sauces.

1. New Packaging! The old tall skinny jars are out and short wide jars are in(just like their mayo and pb.)

2. New recipes! The Marinara and the Scampi recipes have been reformulated for even better taste.

3. New names! The Marinara is now called Tomato & Basil. The scampi is now called Garlic & Herb.