Designer Whey Protein Powder now available!

Designer Whey Protein Powder is now available in a 12.7oz canister. From Designer Whey, “Designer Whey® Chocolate in the 12.7-oz. canister. 18g protein, 100 calories, 2g fat, 3g carbohydrates, 2g sugar and 0.5g fiber make Designer Whey® Chocolate perfect for ingredient-savvy folks. Designer Whey® Chocolate is clinically tested and research-proven protein that works, so you can get better results from the inside out. The facts are, with an amino-acid profile almost identical to human muscle, rapidly digested Designer Whey® shows a better increase in lean muscle, better fat loss and better strength for a better body. A serving size is 1 level scoop and each 12.7-oz. canister contains about 13 servings.”

Designer Whey Protein Powder 12.7oz
Designer Whey Protein Powder 12.7oz

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