Low Carb Shopping on a Budget

The cost of foods are steadily increasing – particularly fresh and healthy foods. If you are buying foods for many people in a household, it can seem nearly impossible to maintain a healthy lifestyle without going broke. There are ways you can continue to eat healthfully without breaking the bank, however. Read on for tips on maintaining your low carb lifestyle on a budget: 

Purchase in bulk – If you evaluate your diet and determine the types of foods you eat most often, you can pick the foods that are consumed the most and purchase them in bulk to save. Eggs, for example, are a staple of any low carb diet, but can be quite expensive. By joining a local bulk store club, you can purchase these by the case and ultimately save money. In order to truly capitalize on buying in bulk, however, you only want to purchase food items your family consumes regularly or those that are nonperishable. If you purchase items in bulk that go bad before your family can eat them, you won’t be saving any money overall. 

Purchase fresh – Certain vegetables can be an important part of a low carb diet, and these can be quite expensive, particularly during colder months of the year. Consider purchasing in-season vegetables from local farmers to save money. You can visit your local farmer’s market to find great deals on vegetables. The same holds true on some types of protein, such as eggs. If you can find a local seller in your area, you can save on farm fresh eggs that will offer you nutrition and great flavor on your low carb diet. 

Purchase online – Big grocery stores typically have a limited selection of low carb foods available, and the prices can be outrageous. Online stores have more competition for customers, so you can often find the same great low carb staples on your list at an online store for a much lower price than at your local physical grocery store. Although you may have to pay extra for shipping, you can typically still save money by purchasing your low carb items this way. In addition, many online stores selling low carb foods will offer periodic discounts on select items, saving you even more.  

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