Real Low Carb Diet Tips from Our Followers for Our Followers!

Any time you begin a new dietary lifestyle, the change can be difficult. This is particularly true when it is a complete overhaul of your existing eating habits, such as when you switch to a low carb diet. For those of you just beginning a low carb diet, you may have cravings that are hard to battle, you may not know how to make proper substitutions, or you may have a variety of other questions related to staying on track and achieving your low carb goals. Last week, we reached out to our dedicated followers and asked experienced low carbers to provide any advice they might give to those just beginning a low carb diet. The response was wonderful, and we have a lot of advice to impart to you given by those who have been in your shoes. Read on to get some of the best real-world advice you will find on low carb dieting:

Ignore negative comments – Cindy Loving pointed out that there will be people who will try to dissuade you from the lifestyle, telling you it is unhealthy or not the best option. As she said, “if you do your research and follow the principles, low carbing can be life changing.”

Be prepared – this was a recurring comment made by many of our low carbers. Preparing snacks and other foods in advance of traveling so you aren’t tempted to stop at a store and purchase foods that don’t adhere to the low carb lifestyle is one great tip. Three great items to keep in the car, according to follower Cheryl Burns Perkins, are water, pork rinds and peanuts. Another way to be prepared is by planning for meals in advance and making purchases for the week based on your low carb list. As Mary Ann Galvin Anderson stated, “If you don’t buy high carb junk food, you can’t eat it.”

Know your substitutions – Learning about substitutions for sugars (such as splenda) and finding ones that work for you can be key to sticking to a low carb lifestyle. The same is true with substitutions for flour (such as ground oatmeal) and bread crumbs (oat bran is a great option). Learning about, and using, substitutions when cooking can make sticking to a low carb diet much easier.

Take advantage of available foods – As Haroon Jawadi points out, with the low carb diet gaining more popularity over the last few years, there are more commercial products available that allow you to enjoy the foods you love without ruining your low carb diet. With these available options, unlike even 10 years ago, you are able to “eat breads and pastas and sweets and still be low carb,” as Haroon says.

Set realistic goals and stick with them – Any time you try a new diet, it is important to set realistic goals so you aren’t tempted to give up when you don’t reach a goal that was set too high in the first place. By doing so, you will be better able to stick with your low carb plan. Even on the hard days, it is important to try to stay on track to reap the benefits of a low carb lifestyle. As Josephine Sooknanan said, “Don’t give in or give up…the lifestyle is so worth it!”

If you want to take advantage of the available low carb products that make the lifestyle easier than ever, be sure to visit us at Linda’s Diet Delites! Thanks for reading our blog, and we would like to say a special thank you to all of our Facebook fans that took the time to offer their advice to new low carbers! 


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