Stick to Your Healthy Diet Even While Eating at a Restaurant

Any time you eat a special type of diet, be it low carb, gluten free, or low fat, going out to a restaurant can seem tedious. You may even opt to avoid going out to eat simply because you can’t find something that stays within your dietary limits or you feel uncomfortable special-ordering your foods. Read on for some simple tips that can make going out to eat more enjoyable for those on a specialty diet. 

Be careful of basic “healthy” titles – Subway is one great example of a restaurant that is known for its healthy options. However, if you are maintaining a low carb diet, you won’t want to simply choose an item that appears to be healthy. Some 6-inch sub sandwiches contain as many as 40 grams of carbohydrates or more. If a restaurant or a menu item claims to be healthy, check for actual numbers to be knowledgeable about your food.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions – If there is no listed carb count, or you are unsure if something contains gluten or sugar, don’t be afraid to ask a worker at the restaurant. If at a fast food restaurant, you can ask to speak with a manager, and if at a nice restaurant you can  begin with your server (they may have even been asked the question before and know the answer immediately). Don’t forget, some restaurant foods contain unexpected ingredients in their own special recipe.

Special orders are common – If you feel uncomfortable ordering your food in a special way so you can adhere to a low carb diet, there is no reason to feel this way. Many people ask for low carb substitutions for their mashed potatoes, or even ask that their food not have the typical breading. If you need to limit dairy in your diet, you can even ask that your chicken breast not be grilled in butter. By asking how things are prepared, you can determ

ine how it would need to be cooked so you can enjoy your night out and still stick to your low carb, gluten free or other diet.

Thanks for reading our blog! Eating out at restaurants doesn’t have to be difficult and neither does eating meals or snacks at home! For great low carb, sugar free, and gluten free food options, visit us online at Linda’s Diet Delites and place your order today! 

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