Get Happy the Natural Way – Mood Boosting Foods

How Happy Foods Work

There are many different types of foods that can help boost your mood. Some of these foods are  shown to help fight depression, while others offer a more instantaneous effect of happiness. Omega-3 fatty acids and foods containing them (such as salmon) are thought to offer long-term happiness benefits, but some other foods actually boost the serotonin levels in the brain (that feel-good chemical that comes after exercise – and yes, eating chocolate). These foods are typically ones that contain tryptophan, which the body then converts to serotonin in the brain.

The Effect of Foods on Serotonin Levels

There are many types of foods that are known to increase serotonin levels which results in a quick mood boost, and many of these allow you to stick to your low carb or other diet without interference. Such foods include eggs, cheese, and a variety of other dairy products. Sesame seeds and brown rice are also foods that could be called happy foods, as they create that natural mood boost you are seeking. Flaxseed (you can buy the seeds, products that contain these ingredients such as flax seed crackers, or you can use flax seed oil) is often referred to as the “happy seed” because it contains the omega-3 fatty acids thought to fend off depression, along with the tryptophan that helps raise serotonin levels. Bananas are also thought to boost mood levels along with providing other long-term benefits.

Sticking to Your Diet When Eating Happy Foods

In most cases, foods that boost the mood are also healthy foods and will allow you to stick to your low carb or other healthy diet. In some cases, however, you may end up ingesting just a few more carbs than normal or sacrificing those carbs later in the day to get that natural mood boost when you need it. Since there are many different types of mood-boosting foods, you should be able to incorporate a variety of kinds so you achieve the overall increase in happiness without ruining your diet.

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