5 Top Tips for Starting Your Low Carb Diet Plan

You’ve decided that the extra weight has to go.  You’re tired of feeling sluggish and lethargic and want to embark of a low carb diet to get you back into shape and feeling healthy again but you’re not sure how or where to start.  Well, here are our top tips in how best to begin your new low carb diet.

1.  Research

Read as much information as you can on all the various low carb diet plans that are out there and decide which is the best plan for you and your lifestyle, be it the No White Diet, a Low GI diet, South Beach or Atkins.  Once you’ve chosen which plan to go for, go out and buy a copy of the latest book detailing the diet (or borrow one from your local library).  Read the entire book, making sure that you fully understand how it works and which foods are allowed and which aren’t before you start.

2. Planning

Pick a week to start where you know that won’t have any social engagements that require you eating out in public.  That way you can make your first couple of weeks a lot easier on yourself if you don’t feel obliged to eat banned foods because they have been served to you at a dinner party.

Also, make sure that you are in good health when you start, if you’re feeling run down or unwell then you are more likely to reach for comfort foods or quick fixes than stick to your low carb diet plan.  Try to avoid starting a low carb diet at a time when other stressful things are occurring in your life, such as moving house, starting a new job etc., you need to feel as relaxed as possible.

3.  Preparation

It makes sense before you undertake any diet plan that your rid your house of any tempting and banned foods that will throw you off course.  Sadly this may well mean that your children and spouse have to go without these foods as well until you find your feet, but you’ll be doing them a healthy favor.

Buy in lots of tasty foods that you can eat, your favorite fruits or cooked meats in the fridge are excellent for when you feel like a quick snack.

Draw up a meal planner for your first couple of weeks, this will help you to stick rigidly to the plan and also help when planning your grocery shopping.

Try to limit your carb intake in the week prior to starting your low carb diet plan, reducing the amount of processed carbs for instance, or only eating carbs for breakfast will help your body adapt to your new regime much quicker and easier.

Switch from your regular brands to low carb brands.  There are many breads and cereals out there that fit the bill and are surprising tasty.

4.  Cut out Caffeine and Alcohol

Both contain carbs (if you take sugar in your tea or coffee) and both can knock you off track.  You are more likely to crave carbs if you drink alcohol so try to avoid it whilst you’re trying to get your new eating habits established.

Drinking caffeine can inhibit the weight loss for some low carb dieters.

5.  Tell Everyone You Know That You’re on a Low Carb Diet

The more people you have in your corner supporting you the better the chances of success.  Not only will they keep your change of diet in mind if they invite you over for dinner, but they won’t tempt and taunt you by eating chocolate cake at the next desk.

Hopefully some of your friends and family will even join you on your quest for a healthy lifestyle and buddy up with you, which is even better.

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