Avoiding the Temptation of the Girl Scout Cookies

It’s that time of year again. In the past, this temptation could be avoided until January, when our willpower is still holding strong after New Year’s resolutions. Unfortunately, the system has been revamped and we are now being tempted in late October/early November, a time during which the holiday stresses may have already begun and our willpower is possibly at its weakest point. What is this yearly temptation? Girl Scout cookies. The cute little girls in their cute little uniforms looking so innocent and sweet and trying to win a bike or some other award for selling the most cookies can be quite tempting. The cookies themselves, with the mint chocolate and other varieties, are a temptation all on their own. Read on to garner some strength to prevent this fundraiser from ruining your low carb or other diet. 

If Possible, Avoid Ordering
The easiest way to avoid binging on these great-tasting cookies is to not order them at all. But for those without daughters, nieces, granddaughters, or other young female family members, this may be easier to accomplish. In the past, even for those with young relatives, it was much easier to skip ordering them, since orders would be taken well in advance of receiving the cookies. Now, however, they have changed things up for us, and the cookies are available in a very short time – this is great for those who don’t count carbs, but for those of us who do, it makes the temptation that much greater to order. Limit the Amount Ordered, Or Choose a Variety You Don’t Enjoy

For those who do have young family members selling Girl Scout cookies, you can limit yourself to purchasing only one box, or only a variety you don’t like. It may seem like a waste to order a type of cookie you won’t eat, but this way you can help your young relative reach her goal without being so tempted to ravenously ingest all the calories that come with a box of Girl Scout cookies you love and ruining your low carb or sugar free diet. Plus, you will have a nice treat on hand to offer guests. 

Provide Yourself a Replacement
If it seems impossible for you to skip buying Girl Scout cookies, and it looks as though your low carb diet may truly be ruined by the temptation that is the once-a-year cookie offering, you will want to have replacements on hand. We all know that there is no actual substitute for the real Girl Scout cookie, but if you order versions you don’t really love, and you also have a low carb version in your cabinets, you will be less likely to give in to temptation. 
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