Bacon, Egg, and Cheese The Right Way!!!

Make these delicious low carb, low calorie biscuits at home with Linda’s pre-made biscuits. These bacon,egg, and cheese biscuits have just about half the calories of the popular choices out there.

These breakfast sandwiches include 1 slice of Kirkland bacon (40 calories), 1 slice of Kraft Singles (60 calories), 1 Large Egg (75 calories), and a Linda’s Diet Delites Low Carb Biscuit (70 Calories) for a total of just 245 calories.

You could cut the calories a bit more if you wanted to use a lower calorie cheese and/or go with turkey bacon. But I prefer it the way listed above.

Other not so healthy options include:

  • McDonald’s = 460 calories
  • Bojangles = 480 calories
  • Wendy’s = 450 calories
  • Chick-fil-a = 440 calories
  • Hardee’s = 610 calories

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