Bad News for Low-Carb Dieters – Global Bacon Shortage Predicted

For Atkinsonians (our term for life-long Atkins dieters), bacon is just one of those food items that makes a low carb diet the best choice. What other diet allows you to experience health and well-being, as well as weight loss, while still eating bacon? But there is some bad news on the forefront for our bacon-loving Atkinsonian fans out there. 

¬†Bacon Shortage PredictedAs if the skyrocketing cost of food (bacon being one of the leaders in this rise) wasn’t hard enough to stomach, now experts are saying that we should expect a severe shortage of bacon in the coming year. With the drought in many parts of the world this past year, it has affected the growth of corn and other feed for hogs, which in turn will result in lowered production.

This lowered production will occur all across the world, with forecasts of a decrease in bacon production in the United States over 1 percent of what they were this year. This, of course, means that the bacon that is available to low carb dieters will increase in price.

Europe could feel the effects even more, as their predictions are that the production of bacon and pork will be down over 10 percent by this time next year, resulting in a doubling of cost to the consumer.

If that happens, many won’t be able to afford to keep bacon as a weekly staple on their grocery list, and low carb dieting simply won’t be as much fun as it was.

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