Boost Metabolism Through Low-Carb Diet – New Study Shows Promising Results

If you have debated using a low carb diet to lose weight, but you aren’t sure if this is the best type of diet to really achieve lasting weight loss, a new study might give the answer you have been searching for. Although this newest study is preliminary and the test group was a small number of people, the results are promising. Read on to learn more about what has recently been determined about the benefits of a low-carb diet.
The Low Carb Diet Study
Because low carb diets are extremely popular, the number of studies being done to determine their effectiveness (as well as any side effects) are always increasing. This newest preliminary study focused on the diet’s calorie-burning impact. Just as muscle burns more calories daily than fat does, diet can play a role in the body’s metabolism, making it burn calories at a faster rate, even when sedentary. This study compared the effects on metabolism of a low carb diet to both a low fat diet and low glycemic index diet (commonly called the Mediterranean diet). This low-carb diet study was performed on obese people that lost weight before the study, and was performed to compare the results of the three diets during the “maintaining the weight loss” phase of dieting.
Results of the New Low Carb Diet Study
To lose weight and keep it off can be difficult, but if one diet over another increases the metabolism even when not exercising, it will make the process of keeping weight off easier for dieters. The results of this preliminary study showed that, out of the three types of diets studied, the low carb diet continues to burn more calories every day than the other two types. According to USA Today’s report, the low carb diet used in this study was one in which participants only received 10% of their daily calories from carbohydrates, and with testing throughout the week, the patients on this diet were shown to burn an average of 300 extra calories per day. For some people, this is the equivalent to an hour of walking or other moderate exercise.
The Benefit of Low Carb Diets Burning Calories
If your body is burning approximately an extra 300 calories per day, this will not only allow you to maintain weight loss, but can even result in a slow continuation of the weight loss (since burning off 3500 calories results in a pound of weight loss, this would result in about a pound lost every 12 days or so). If you add in exercise with your low carb diet, your metabolism would be increased even more, resulting in additional weight loss.
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