Calbee Snapea Snap Crisps available

Calbee Snapea Snap Crisps are now available. Description from Calbee, “Snapea Crisps originate from high quality sun-dried peas. Using new and unique technology, we created the world’s first easily graspable, snow pea-shaped crisp!

We have come up with a product that is pleasing to the eye, but pleasing to your body as well. In fact, although Snapea Crisps are themselves peas, the product is innovative because it retains all the unique characteristics of the peas and, at the same time, removes the pet peeves traditionally associated with them.

Peas have been an important part of the human diet for approximately 8,000 years. In fact, remains of snow peas dating back to the New Stone Age (or around 4500 B.C.) have been found around a lake in Switzerland…in an Egyptian grave around the time of the pharaohs…and even in the ancient ruins of Troy. Peas have also been widely cultivated along the Mediterranean coast as well as in the area of Mesopotamia, and they continue to be an important agricultural crop influencing different cultures and their eating habits.

This product contains 17% vegetable protein and 8% fiber that come mostly from the skin of the peas. Snapea Crisps contain an abundance of vitamins, iron, and calcium. Snapea Crisps deliver the pea’s natural nutrients in their entirety.

Calbee America produces two flavors of Snapea Crisps; Original and Caesar Flavor. The Original Snapea Crisps has a delicate and tasty flavor of a pea. Caesar Snapea Crisps are lightly seasoned with seasonings that are found in the popular Caesar dressing. Pair either Snapea Crisps Original or Caesar Flavor with your favorite vegetable sticks, dip, or to your salad and enjoy.”

Calbee Snapea Snap Crisps
Calbee Snapea Snap Crisps

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