Deliteful Discounts from our Suppliers

One of our suppliers has offerred us a number of discounts on select products which we are passing on to you. But these only last till we run out:

Lightful Smoothies – Regularly $2.49 are only $1.99. These delicious smoothies are packed with fiber and ingredients to keep you full. We even have the new flavor which was featured by HungryGirl, Mango Oasis.

Krinkle Sticks – Now with new bag packaging that is twice the size, these Krinkle Sticks will be regularly priced at $3.99 but you can get them now for only $2.99. That is twice as many sticks as the box and lower in price.

Guiltless Gourmet– Three decadent flavors of dessert bowls. Each only 3 points. Normally priced at $2.99, we have dropped the price to $1.99. That is a saving of $1.00 per box!

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