Do Low Carb Diets Cause Kidney Damage? New Study Reveals Truth

There are always concerns with any type of diet, particularly any diet that cuts out a certain type of food or puts extreme restrictions on certain types of foods. A prime example of this is a low carb diet. In the beginning, experts worried that cholesterol levels would be increased in low carb dieters, simply because there are no restraints on fatty meats and cheeses. However, many studies have shown that this is actually not an adverse effect of the low carb diet. In recent years, however, the concern has been that kidneys can be damaged due to a low carb diet. Finally, there are study results to determine whether or not this is true – read on to find out the results. 

The Reason for Concern

The reasoning behind the concern of a low carb diet causing damage to the kidneys is the amount of protein that is allowable on a low carb diet. Since proteins are virtually unlimited on any low-carb diet, the concern is that the kidneys can’t process the increased amount, ultimately leading to permanent damage to the kidneys as a result. Until now, there have been no real long-term studies done on the effects of a low carb diet on the kidneys.

Good News for Low Carb Dieters

The most recent study on the effects of a low carb diet on the kidneys has shown promising results for those who live by this type of diet. This two-year study, which was conducted by the Indiana University School of Medicine, compared two groups of obese patients – one group being on a low fat diet and the other being on a low carb diet. In this study, they only used patients that did not have any existing kidney damage or chronic kidney problems. In the group that was on a low carbohydrate diet, there was no more adverse effects on the kidneys than in those on the low fat diet. Since this is the largest and longest study that has been done on this topic, it is definitely good news for those on a low carb diet.

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