Julian Bakery’s Zero! Cookies Really Live Up To Their Name

zero cookiesFor anyone who loves sweets, snacks, and desserts, there’s a sobering reality that everything that tastes good seems to add far onto our bodies. That’s just the way food works.

The inventive folks at Julian Bakery have not gotten that memo, however, as evidenced with their new Zero! Cookies.When you think “zero,” the immediate assumption is that these are zero carb cookies. And you’d be right. But Julian doesn’t stop there — they take their Zero! Cookies to a whole new level of what “zero” actually can mean.

In addition to being sugar free, Zero! Cookies are also completely starch free, and made with only premium ingredients. The result is an amazing taste and texture — just like a real cookie — but without the real effects of eating one. These cookies are made fiber and sweeteners that are not at all metabolized by your body — it’s like you never even ate them!

Just to give you an idea of how amazing these cookies are, Zero Cookies have less digestible carbohydrate calories in a dozen large 2-ounce cookies than a cup of broccoli and more fiber in one cookie than in 3 cups of broccoli. In fact, there is less digestible sugar in an entire container (10 cookies) of Zero Cookies than in 1 side of an Oreo Cookie without the cream. Amazing!

Many times, low carb dieters are afraid to venture back into eat sweets, even if companies claim that their sweets are low carb. If you’re one of these dieters, then you can res assured that their new Zero! Cookies will not ruin the hard work you’ve put into your diet.

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