Never Feel Deprived on a Low Carb Diet with Great Low Carb Food Options

When you first begin a low carb diet, it can be difficult to stick with the changes. A lack of bread, pasta, potatoes, etc. for those who love these foods can be hard to deal with on a daily basis. But for most people, after a couple of weeks, and once ketosis has passed, the cravings for these types of foods subside some and make it much easier to stick with their low carb diet. However, over time, the limited foods allowed on your low-carb diet may make it difficult to continue. Read on to learn how to incorporate some new choices into your low carb diet to ensure long-term success.

A Low Carb Diet No-No: Breads

For most low-carb dieters, breads are just one of those food items that get tossed out. All hamburgers or hot dogs are served without a bun, and sandwiches don’t really exist in the diet. Switching to whole wheat bread may sound like a good option at first, until you look at the label and discover that many wheat breads have the same or more carb count as white breads. However, you don’t have to say good-bye to breads forever when on a low carb diet. Instead, you simply have to find the right low carb breads available that will keep you under your carb count while allowing you to indulge in a food you love.

Low Carb No-No: Pastas

In the past, if you decided to live low carb, you would virtually have to farewell to pasta for the rest of your life. This, however, isn’t true anymore. With many different new types of low-carb pastas available on the market, you are sure to find one that makes the perfect replacement for you and allows you to indulge in a food you thought you might never taste again.

Low Carb No-No: Candy

It may seem simple at first – candy is small doesn’t have many carbs. But if you look at the nutritional value of almost any type of candy, you may be surprised to learn the carb count. Since a low-carb diet allows so few carbs daily, using any of them up on candy or other types of snacks often seems like a waste. With manufacturers finally getting on board with the low carb dieters of the world, however, there are now many low carb candy options available that weren’t before.

Low Carb No-No: Pastries and Other Treats

Just as with breads, pastries and similar treats such as brownies, muffins, and other items that have a mostly breading makeup have typically been banned from the low-carb diet. But like other craved foods, manufacturers are finally offering great choices that not only have a limited number of carbs, but actually taste good as a replacement to the real thing. Now with low carb pastries and other great treats, you can literally have your cake and eat it too.

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