Signs and Symptoms of Diabetes

If the blood sugar within the body is not regulated properly and the levels are too high, it can result in diabetes. There are many different signs and symptoms of diabetes, and sometimes these will show up before the actual onset of the disease (also known as being pre-diabetic). Anyone can be affected by diabetes, particularly if the disease already exists in someone in your family. If you experience any of the symptoms of diabetes, it is important to consult with your physician. Read on to learn a few of the most common symptoms of diabetes.

Common Symptoms of Diabetes

Extreme and uncommon thirst as well as frequent urination can be signs of diabetes. In addition, extreme hunger while experiencing weight loss (without having started eating a low carb or other diet) can be a potential symptom of diabetes. Frequent infections or injuries that don’t heal very quickly are also possibly signs that you may be developing diabetes. Diabetes may also cause fatigue and unusual tiredness, which can result in irritability due to a lack of sleep. In addition, sudden blurry vision or other vision problems can signify problems.

When to See Your Doctor

If you have any of the symptoms listed above that are not explainable by another cause (being abnormally hungry when you started a new workout routine would be an example of an outside cause for the symptom), it is a good idea to visit with your doctor. Even if you aren’t experiencing the onset of diabetes, you may have another illness that should be addressed.

Before Seeing the Doctor

If you suspect you may have diabetes, it is imperative to make an appointment with your physician to be seen as soon as possible. Doctors are often busy, however, and may not be able to get you into the office for an appointment for a week or more. In the meantime, it is a good idea to limit your intake of sugar and carbs in your diet. Taking a walk around the block each evening or getting in some other form of exercise can also help. If you are diagnosed with diabetes, these are things your doctor will prescribe, so why not get a head start? If you aren’t, they are still beneficial changes to make to your diet that may be able to curb some of the symptoms you have been experiencing.

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