Simple Steps to Help Cut Carbs in Your Diet

If you are thinking of beginning a low carb diet, you may feel intimated by the idea of such a big change. In some cases, the complete overhaul of your diet can be so scary that you never begin in the first place. There are a few simple steps you can take before going all-in on a low carb diet that can make the entire process a much smoother transition for you. Read below to learn all about these simple steps:

Eat more veggies. Of course, you don’t want to increase your intake of high-carb vegetables such as potatoes, but there are many different types of vegetables that can be added into your diet to take the place of the foods you will have to remove when you begin your low carb diet. By increasing vegetable intake before beginning your diet, you can begin to explore and find great-tasting options that will make the transition in your diet much easier.

Increase protein intake. Since low carb diets typically include a lot of protein, if you increase your intake of this type of food over time, the decrease of carbohydrates in your diet will be less noticeable when you make the switch. Discovering new types of foods and new ways to make them can help, as you won’t feel as though you are missing out on great foods when you make the switch to a full low carb diet.

Taste-test low carb food options. If you have a high-carb weakness, such as tortillas, breaded foods, or any other type of food, begin exploring low carb options before beginning your diet. There are many different types of low carb products available on the market, but you may not like all of them. If you wait until you begin your low carb diet to buy a food and you hate it, you may be tempted to sway from your new diet plan. By knowing in advance what types of low carb breads, tortillas, etc. you enjoy, however, you can make the transition to a low carb diet without feeling like you are missing out on great foods.

By taking these small steps before beginning your low carb diet, you will be able to make the switch without trepidation or hesitation and ultimately achieve success.

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