Stick to Your Resolutions in 2013

As the new year approaches, you may be thinking about making changes. It is a common practice every year that people make resolutions to change something about their lifestyle on the first of a new year, and typically the top of this list for the majority of people is body-related. Whether you are resolving to get in better physical condition through exercise or diet, read on to learn why we make New Year’s resolutions and how you can achieve success with yours. 

Why make a change this New Year?

Studies have shown that any time a person tries to make a change in their habits or lifestyle, their success rate can be higher depending on when they begin. It’s the reason many diets begin on Mondays (the beginning of a new work week) and it’s also the reason so many people make new year’s resolutions each year. You are likely to have better success in changing your diet to a healthier low carb or other lifestyle if you begin on January 1 than if you were to begin on January 12. 

Are you making a resolution you make every year?

If you are making a resolution that seems faintly familiar, it is possible it’s the same resolution you made last year but were not as successful as you had hoped. Maybe you started out strong in the beginning, but faltered as the year went on. If that’s the case, you want to prepare yourself in order to achieve your goals for the year. 

Enlist a buddy – 

We all know someone that is setting the same goal as us, and enlisting them as a buddy can be a great way to achieve success with your new year’s resolution. If you are resolving to eat a low carb diet, for example, contact anyone you know that has the same resolution (or a friend that already maintains this type of lifestyle will work too). Staying in contact with this person on a regular basis can help keep you (and them) on track all year. 

Prepare yourself in advance – 

Even the best intentions can fail if you aren’t prepared. For example, making a resolution that you will eat less sugar sounds easy enough when you make it. However, the very first trip to the grocery store, you may be shocked to learn the cost and limited variety of sugar free foods. By studying labels on foods in advance and finding great low sugar foods to purchase, you will be better prepared to tackle your new lifestyle.

Don’t give up – 

It is easy to do anything for a short amount of time, which is why so many people manage to stick to their new year’s resolutions for a few weeks or even a few months. But then it’s easy to slide back into old habits and not even think about it. The newness of the year has worn off and we go back to our old ways. To help keep yourself on track, go through your calendar (whether you use electronic, paper or both) and mark down notes to yourself reminding yourself to stick with your new plan. Do this at three-week intervals, one-month intervals, or whatever you think will help you stick with it.


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