Gluten Free Pasta: BiAglut Pasta Mia Spaghetti

BiAglut Pasta Mia Spaghetti
BiAglut Pasta Mia Spaghetti

Try a gluten free pasta that tastes every bit as authentic as other gourmet pastas — BiAglut Pasta Mia Spaghetti.

Gluten free pasta can be a bit hit and miss. First off, many of them are whole wheat, and not everyone loves the taste and texture of whole wheat pasta. Second, some of the gluten free pastas lack the texture that regular pasta has. This is because gluten plays a big role in the molecular structure of regular pasta. If you’re going to take it out the recipe, you have to figure out new, creative ways to retain both taste and texture.

This is exactly what BiAglut Pasta Mia Spaghetti achieves — a perfect balance of taste and texture with a gluten free pasta solution!

Imported from Italy, Bi-Aglut pastas have a taste and texture that is very similar to traditional wheat-based pasta. It features lupin flour, which closely replicates the taste and texture of semolina flour used in many pastas.

If you’re on a gluten free diet, try Imported from Italy, Bi-Aglut pastas — they are the real deal!

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