Thanksgiving on a Low Carb Budget

While the protein of the traditional roast turkey may be at the center of the Thanksgiving feast, it is a total, massive carb blitz otherwise. Get some tips on how to keep the carbs to a minimum.

For as much as the carb-starved dieter may want to believe that the traditional Thanksgiving dinner in America is dominated by the protein of the roast turkey, frankly-speaking, that’s just the tryptophan talking: in the end, all of the trimmings to the turkey are enough to put your carb-o-meter into the red. Let’s relish the obvious carbiness: bread stuffing, mashed potatoes, dinner rolls, cranberry sauce, turkey gravy, pumpkin pie — heck, even peas, a common veg for Thanksgiving, is a low carb no-no.

Face it: on Thanksgiving, your low carb diet doesn’t have a chance.

But if carbing it out on Turkey Day isn’t an option, there are some great alternatives that low carb food manufacturers have to offer that can defray the carb level of your Thanksgiving Day meal. Using some of these great products, you can actually keep all of the high-carb trimmings on the dinner plate.

Stumped On Stuffing? Go With Low Carb Bread!

There is a love/hate affair over low carb bread. Yeah, we know: low carb bread loaves don’t often stand up to a standard loaf of white bread. But that’s because your standard loaf of Wonder is a virtual carb brick. The thing that makes bread taste so good are the simple carbohydrates and natural sugars that need to be left out in low carb breads.

But when it comes to making stuffing — particularly if you are planning on cooking it inside of the turkey — low carb bread works as a perfect stand-in. all of the natural juices from the turkey conspire to season even low carb bread.

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